Two drivers cheat death as churches cleanse black spot

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Two drivers cheat death as churches cleanse black spot Two twin cabs were involved in a head on collision at Mkhosana turn-off soon after a prayer session to cleanse the spot on Saturday. (Inset) An injured driver is carried into an ambulance following the accident.

The Chronicle

Leonard Ncube, Victoria Falls Reporter

DIFFERENT churches on Saturday gathered at Masue Bridge just outside Victoria Falls following numerous fatal accidents that have occurred on the black spot.

Sadly, two Isuzu bakkies collided head on moments after the final prayer at Mkhosana turn-off, fuelling speculation about the presence of evil spirits on the roads. 

Both drivers of the vehicles were critically injured and rushed to hospital.

Churches organised an interdenominational prayer session at Masue Bridge where a former football administrator Mkhangeli Moyo died after his car was hit from behind by a haulage truck three weeks ago.

Three people have died on the Masue Bridge spot since January, with a number of non-fatal accidents being recorded too. 

Motorists and residents believe the place is a black spot hence the need for a cleansing ceremony.

Close to 20 denominations, most of them apostolic and Pentecostal sects gathered for the prayer session.

Each denomination was allocated a prayer slot and specific black spot, some of them being Mkhosana turn off, Masue Bridge, the grid, VID turn-off, Sprayview turn-off, roundabout and railway line, where accidents have occurred, to pray for.

The organiser of the cleansing ceremony, Mr Daniel Sibanda, said stakeholders want an accident free Victoria Falls for the sake of tourism.

“We saw that there were too many accidents in Victoria Falls hence we mobilised churches to cleanse our town because we want Victoria Falls to be free from anything that can affect tourism,” he said.

His words were echoed by Pastor Joseph Mamvura of Puritan Apostolic Church who said the number of accidents in Victoria Falls was worrying considering the size of the town.

“It’s been hard to plan for this day as we encountered mixed feelings but we are glad to gather to pray against evil spirits that are causing accidents,” said Pastor Mamvura.

Pastor Stanfordious Ndlovu of the United Apostolic Faith church said a similar occasion was held about seven years ago when there was a spate of road accidents.

“We’re meeting as all Victoria Falls churches because we are worried about accidents in our town. We felt this is not normal hence we needed to combine prayers and we trust this will help because we pray to a living God. We once did this seven years ago and it helped,” said Pastor Ndlovu.

Bishop John Gumbo of Grace Bible Church in Zimbabwe said churches have a role to teach people about safety.

“We’re happy with the co-operation of all churches in Victoria Falls and understand that those that are not here are occupied by their respective activities but are supportive. This is an awareness to concientise our community on road safety because 98 percent of accidents are a result of human error. We don’t want people who say I have been driving for 20 years hence I am experienced and free from accidents,” he said.

Reverend Travina Chichoni of the Methodist Revival Church urged citizens to desist from the culture of acquiring fake drivers’ licences after bribing Vehicle Inspection Department officers.

Officer in charge of traffic at Victoria Falls Police Station Inspector Violet Moyo said most accidents are a result of human error.

 She appealed to motorists and pedestrians to observe road rules. @ncubeleon

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