Two minors die in scotch cart mishaps

Michael Magoronga

[email protected]  

Two children died in Gokwe and Zvishavane respectively in two separate incidents involving ox-drawn carts.

Midlands Police Spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incidents saying both involve the cattle running amok.

In the first incident which happened on May 5 in Gokwe, Samuel Zaranyika was driving an ox-drawn cart along an unnamed road in Village Charusegera, Chief Njelele with a girl Shingisai Mhike (12) on board.

“The cattle ran amok leading to the cart hitting a tree stump and overturning once. Mhike was hit on the head by the cart board and she died on the spot while Zaranyika escaped unhurt,” said Inspector Mahoko.

In the second incident which occurred in Zvishavane, a girl died upon admission at a hospital after cattle ran amok.

“At around 10 AM, Isheunesu Hungwe (25) was leading an ox-drawn scotch cart ferrying maize sheaves from the fields to the cattle kraal in the company of his niece Thandolwenkosi Hungwe,” said Inspector Mahoko.

“Along the way, the oxen suddenly ran amok and charged towards Thandolwenkosi who was hit by the corner of the scotch cart on the back of the head and she fell down.”

“She sustained a deep cut on the head and was rushed to Rutendo Polyclinic where she was pronounced dead upon admission,” he said.

Police appealed to exercise extreme caution when using ox-drawn carts.

“The police appeal to members of the public to use reins and lead animals when using ox-drawn carts and also to travel at a safe speed,” he said.


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