Umahlekisa uplifts youths with comedy

12 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
Umahlekisa uplifts youths with comedy Ntando Van Moyo

The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent 

A series of comedy shows titled “Humour for Social Change” are being used as a therapeutic tool to create social change through humour.

Organised by Umahlekisa Comedy Club and Youth for Innovation Trust (YIT), the shows have been running for the past four months with the latest instalment set to take place at the Luveve Beit Hall on Saturday.

The Luveve comedy show will run under the theme: “Economic Apathy” with Ntando Van Moyo, Miss Dee, Voko Da Poet and TBeatz set to crack ribs. Other topics that have been tackled so far are cyber bullying, human rights and drug and alcohol abuse

Event organiser, Ntando Van Moyo said all was in place for the free event. He said through the Humour for Change shows, they want to inspire youths to look beyond their economic problems. 

“We’re trying to use humour to conscientise youths about the problems that they come across. At the same time, we want to provide solutions to their problems. 

“So with this event, we’ll, through the various acts, point out how the youths who complain about unemployment can overcome this,” said Van Moyo. 

He said they also want to educate youths about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. 

“We want the youths after the laughs and all, to know how to empower and uplift themselves. They should know the effects of economic apathy and how this is linked to drug and alcohol abuse and how to avoid getting into such situations.”

Van Moyo urged people to attend the show as comedy is a therapeutic tool. 

“People should laugh about their situations and de-stress from challenges of everyday life. Sometimes, we suffer from stress and once in a while, we should come together and have a laugh as a therapeutic measure,” he said.

He said the shows are for free as organisers want to reach as many people as they can. 

“For most youths, travelling to the city centre to watch comedy is a daunting task hence we’re hosting these shows in their neighbourhoods. 

“We also want to change stereotypes of comedy in general as some people think that comedy is there to mock people. We want to show them that it can be used to inspire and can be an edutainment tool. Besides that, we want to use the platform to identify talent in the high density areas.” 

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