Undergarments should be pretty too!

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Undergarments should be pretty too!

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Yoliswa Dube-Moyo

I suffered through the day in a mustard coat on Tuesday when I left home early morning and it was freezing cold, only for the day to become blazing hot by the time the clock hit 1pm.

I haven’t been that miserable in the longest time! And you know why? Because I was wearing a rag of a T-shirt underneath my coat, making it hard to remove it – no matter how hot I was feeling. 

I have a reputation to maintain, you see. Besides, there’s no way I was going to be walking around in a pencil skirt, high heels and a faded, excuse of a T-shirt! 

But, I was better off burning in my coat unlike my colleague who decided to remove his jacket and pranced around the office in a torn shirt!

It should never come to that. Always make sure you wear decent pieces of clothing, even when no one can see them. There’s no reason why you should be wearing socks and underwear with holes in them. You just never know what the day will bring your way (make of it what you will).

Whatever layers you decide to put under your coats, jackets and jerseys – make sure they’re good enough to be worn on their own. Don’t be the person who’ll wear a male circumcision branded T-shirt under a white shirt. I get that temperatures are constantly changing, dropping most times, but that’s just clumsy. I see it all the time. 

Someone’s son will wear a heavily branded T-shirt in a bright colour underneath a white, pink or light blue shirt, that’s not cool.

Instead, invest in plain white vests that’ll keep you warm and won’t make you look clumsy. 

Make sure whatever you layer your clothes with is not peeping at the collar, that’s equally distracting. Your undergarments should remain there, underneath.

What’s with ladies and wearing cotton stockings with pumps? Seriously though, that’s plain unacceptable! If you think it’s too cold to go without socks and it’s not cold enough for boots, wear secret socks instead. 

They’ll do the job equally well; as long as your feet are covered up right? If the secret socks are going to be peeping through your flats then don’t wear them either, it’ll still look scruffy.

And if you’re going to wear pantyhose, at least make sure they’re in the right shade and they’re no “ladders” in them. The easiest shades to work with across a variety of complexions and different kinds of clothes are black and barely black with a low decitex of at least 14. 

Don’t go picking Mexican silver or chocolate – that’ll make you look like an old maid.

I often see ladies wearing torn pantyhose or trying to stop the threads from running further with nail polish. You know exactly what I’m talking about; please don’t do that. If they’re torn where people can see, let the pair go.

Petticoats don’t keep you warm; they make you look scruffy once they’re peeping from underneath your skirt. I shudder to think there’re women still wearing these out there! 

If you’re a “tights underneath your clothes” woman, make sure they’re seamless – the visible seam lines are so distracting. Also make sure the tights don’t show through your skirt slit at the back.

Whatever you do, make sure we don’t see your undergarments and layers. Also make sure they’re intact – in every sense of the word.

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