JUST IN: Universities and colleges given green light to kick out unvaccinated students Bulawayo Polytechnic

Bongani Ndlovu, Online Reporter 

ZIMBABWE colleges and universities have been given the green light by Government to turn away unvaccinated students.

This was said by the Secretary for Higher Education, Professor Fanuel Tagwira after Harare Polytechnic students complained that they were being turned away.

Speaking to Zimpapers Television Network, Prof Tagwira said unvaccinated students pose a risk of infecting others, especially lecturers.

“You cannot enter without a vaccination card. Even companies are not allowing people to come in without vaccination (cards). I don’t know why people think the universities should take unvaccinated people, because the risk is to the lecturer.

“So, what we are basically saying is that, get vaccinated, if you have a medical reason why you can’t be vaccinated, then bring the letter. But we can’t have a person say I don’t want to be vaccinated and I want to come to class. Then you are actually spreading the risk to other people,” said Prof Tagwira.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe received one million Covid-19 Sinovac vaccines that arrived at the Robert Mugabe International Airport this afternoon.

This is after 1.5 million doses were delivered in batches of 500 000 over the last three days since Friday last week. In total, Zimbabwe has received over 11 million vaccines since the roll out of the vaccination programme in February.

Over two million people have been vaccinated so far.


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