UPDATED: Global Fund commends Zimbabwe Dr Peter Sands


Andile Tshuma, Chronicle Reporter

THE Global Fund has hailed Government for its efforts in fighting HIV, TB and malaria and said other countries in the region can learn from Zimbabwe.

Global Fund Executive Director Dr Peter Sands said this during a press conference in Bulawayo on Wednesday.

Dr Sands commended Zimbabwe for not just fighting HIV, TB and malaria but for also supporting other countries in the Sadc region.

Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Obadiah Moyo addresses journalists while the Global Fund Executive Director Mr Peter Sands listens during a press briefing in Bulawayo on Wednesday. —(Picture by Eliah Saushoma)

He said Sadc countries have a lot to learn from the Ministry of Health and Child Care as 95 percent of HIV positive Zimbabweans are on treatment. The Global Fund executive director also commended Government and its partners for ensuring that funds from the Global Fund were used for their intended purpose which is fighting malaria, HIV and TB.

“I am glad to be in the country at such a time. Zimbabwe has done well in all three, TB, HIV and malaria.

The country is in fact leading other countries in this region in fighting malaria as the country’s neighbours are formulating strategies based on Zimbabwe’s successes,” he said. 

Dr Sands said the country is also doing well in the fight against HIV and TB while more work needs to be done in addressing drug resistant TB across the region. 

He said the Global Fund will continue to support Zimbabwe and other regional countries.

Zimbabwe has been allocated US$500 million from the Global Fund for fighting TB, HIV and malaria and US$25 million of that amount will be channelled towards Covid-19. 

Speaking at the same press conference, Health and Child Care Minster Dr Obadiah Moyo said his Ministry was taking the Covid-19 awareness campaign to rural areas.

He said rural areas will not be left out as Government has an obligation to ensure all Zimbabweans regardless of their location are safe.

“The coronavirus fight is not only an urban phenomenon. We are taking it to the rural areas. Our campaign has already started and we are distributing fliers and posters. Part of the money that we have received from the Global Fund will go towards that. We are also having capacity training workshops for our health staff to prepare them for epidemics. Just as we speak, we have a Southern region team undergoing training in Kadoma,” said Dr Moyo. He said Covid-19 has spread across the globe because of people’s movement.

“We are therefore taking every precaution to ensure that should we be unfortunate to have the virus on our soil, we are prepared,” said Dr Moyo. – @andile_tshuma

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