Vaccines brings Covid-19 under control

23 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Vaccines brings  Covid-19 under control Dr Agnes Mahomva

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Lumbidzani Dima, Chronicle Reporter
GOVERNMENT’s effective rollout of Covid-19 vaccines has brought the pandemic under control as signified by a decrease in the severity of the infection and the lifting of the curfew for the first time in two years.


On Tuesday, Government relaxed Covid-19 lockdown regulations by lifting the curfew and extending operating hours for businesses in the hospitality industry.

The curfew, which was part of lockdown measures aimed at containing the spread of Covid-19, ran from 12 midnight to 5.30am while restaurants were required to close at 10pm.

Covid-19 cases and new infections being recorded now remain lower compared to the same period last year.

Everything is slowly going back to normal, although people have been warned against complacency.

Whereas at this time last year there was a concern over rising cases, schools and churches were closed, this time the situation is different.

Learning is in full swing, congregants long went back to churches and the curfew has been lifted.

Looking into statistics for June last year and this June when the number of people vaccinated against Covid-19 has increased shows there is clear proof that the rollout of vaccines has reduced the brutality of the pandemic.

As of Tuesday, June 21, this year, the Covid-19 recovery rate stood at 97 percent compared to 88 percent on the same date last year; only five people succumbed to the virus this year compared to 13 last year and 130 new cases were recorded compared to 416 new cases last year.

On June 21, 2021, the country had recorded 13 Covid-19 related deaths and 416 more new cases on top of the daily new cases that were already being recorded.

The national recovery rate stood at 88 percent as active cases went up to 3 310.

In terms of vaccination, only 1 140 852 people had been vaccinated against Covid-19 by June 21 last year.

The number of people vaccinated has greatly increased to 6 271 162 people.

To add on to the number of people getting vaccinated, Government also approved vaccination of everyone who is 12 years and older.

In an interview yesterday, National Covid-19 coordinator, Dr Agnes Mahomva said vaccines have proven to be effective.

Dr Mahomva said vaccination is the major contributor to the low number of cases being recorded.

“The vaccination is important in the prevention of Covid-d 19.

It helps in protecting people from getting severely ill and from dying.

That is why we are pushing for it as hard as we can.

The impact of the vaccine is very strong leading to the pandemic coming under control,” she said.

Bulawayo provincial medical director Dr Maphios Siamuchembu

Bulawayo Provincial Medical Director Dr Maphios Siamuchembu said the low numbers of Covid-19 cases being recorded compared to the same period last year are attributed to the vaccination drive and other measures that were put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

“As of last week, 53,7 percent of those eligible for vaccination had been fully vaccinated in Bulawayo. Right now, our cases are low.

I would like to think that vaccination together with all the other World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended measures that we are implementing are responsible for the low numbers,” he said.

Minister Jenfan Muswere

In his post-Cabinet briefing on Tuesday, Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Minister, Dr Jenfan Muswere said implementation of all Covid-19 public health and social measures must continue to be strengthened.

“Cabinet calls upon all citizens that have not been vaccinated to present themselves for vaccination at centres nearest to them,” he said.

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