Valentine’s Day: Who should do the giving?

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Valentine’s Day: Who should do the giving? Valentine's day peparations

The Chronicle

Flora Fadzai Sibanda, Chronicle Reporter

ARE gifts really necessary on Valentine’s Day? If they are, who should be doing the giving and who must be receiving?
That is the question most people ask themselves as the month of love begins and lovers run around trying to put together the best gift for their loved ones.

Gifts shops are already reminding those who might have forgotten with their in-your-face red and white decorations.
Everyone in a relationship looks forward to being spoiled on the day of love as that is seen as a way of showing appreciation.
The day starts with most posting on their social media platforms the beautiful messages they would have received from their partners.

Updates on the day’s plans follow and some who will be anticipating surprises spend the entire morning if not the whole day anxious which could later on lead to heartbreaks if their expectations are not met.

As the day progresses, restaurants and holiday resort places are filled with couples wearing black and red holding hands with mostly the girl carrying a gift bag and a bunch of flowers.

The beautiful day ends with a few romantic candlelit dinners and status updates showing what people got from their loved ones, cementing their relationships and making them look forward to another year spent together.

However, for some, this becomes a heartbreak for they would have not gotten any gifts and the end of many relationships as they spend the night hugging their pillows and some typing long paragraphs leaving their partners.

Now, this brings us to the main question of the day: are gifts really necessary and if they are, who should be responsible for giving?

Valentine’s day preparations

If the couple is already celebrating more than a year together shouldn’t that be a gift itself, or better yet shouldn’t every day be a gift day in relationships?

The Saturday Chronicle crew took to the streets and asked a few people the two hot questions.
Charles Dlamini (34) said because of society, a man is tasked with buying and that on its own is where the problem and pressure come from.

He said gifting someone depends on the relationship you have with your girlfriend.
“If I am with a woman l am always buying gifts for then Valentine’s Day is not an issue for her. It just becomes another day where we both live and enjoy our love.

Valentine’s day peparations

“The people who make a fuss for gifts are women who are never spoiled by their men and see the day as a chance to score a gift. That is why women even buy expensive gifts which leave a man’s pocket with a big hole,” said Charles.
Minnie Ngwenya (20) said a gift should come from both and is definitely a must on a special day.
She said if she were to not get a gift, she would leave the guy.

“I have already bought a gift for my boyfriend so l am also waiting for one. I really don’t know what is going to happen but l am sure we are not going to celebrate the next Valentine’s Day together.

“Gifts are a symbol of love for me and it doesn’t matter how much it costs but just the thought is important,” said Minnie.
Sthandazile Ndlovu (28) said Valentine’s Day gifts are just peer pressure from people who think because you are in a relationship you should get a gift.

“Besides people expect expensive unnecessary gifts that they don’t even use. I personally think it’s not such a big issue if one does not get a gift and if they do even something for a dollar will be fine, not for people to expect gifts they themselves would not get on their own,” said Sthandazile. — @flora_sibanda.

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