Van Choga, AY Poyoo team up

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Van Choga, AY Poyoo team up Ay Poyoo

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Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent
Fast-rising Zimdancehall sensation Van Choga (real name Valentine Choga) who has hogged the limelight with his hobo character, has proved his mettle after bagging a collaboration with Ghanaian AY Poyoo who has a similar ‘weird’ sense of dress and music style.

AY Poyoo (real name Emmanuel Yeboah) also became an Internet sensation recently after he released his single, GOAT in which he sings:

“I am the GOAT, I am the GOAT, meeeehhh, I am the GOAT, everybody washout”.

GOAT is an acronym for greatest of all time, thus used to describe individuals who are good at something.

Just like Van Choga who dresses up like a hobo, AY Poyoo has high energy and a weird sense of dress where he will be topless with long chains around his neck.

Having received much support from their compatriots, the two weirdos, Van Choga and AY Poyoo who have a humble nature, have now teamed up for a single titled Ghetto Rules. By all accounts, this single is expected to cause a ripple effect as the artistes, whose music has elements of comedy, are just too similar.

On Saturday, Van Choga shared the news of the collaboration but some of his fans thought it was a hoax. It was only after AY Poyoo confirmed the collaboration that fans realised that a potential hit was coming their way.

“This one is for Africa and to all the fans in Zimbabwe, yes it is true!

Van Choga ft the G.O.A.T drops soon! Ghetto rules,” tweeted AY Poyoo.

In an interview yesterday, Van Choga said:

“The single will be out this week with the actual date set to come as a surprise as we want to keep fans in suspense. Likely, a video might be coming out, but for now, we’re focusing on releasing the single which I assure fans, will be a banger.”

Van Choga

On what inspired the collaboration with the 20-year-old musician, Van Choga (27) said: “After realising that he’s currently one of the top artistes in Africa, I managed to liaise with his team to collaborate with him to which they agreed. We got down to business and the song was produced by Zimbabwean producer, Mars.”

Because of his hobo character, some have called Van Choga ‘crazy’, while others have labelled him a drug addict, but that has not stopped him from doing what he loves the most — entertaining people.

“I feel happy because my breakthrough is all attributable to God’s work. I’m also grateful to my fans for supporting me because when people first got to know me, they thought it was all games and madness,” he said.

Explaining his hobo outfit and character, Van Choga said: “My outfit and style is just a reflection of my reality. I’m not that type of a person that goes to borrow clothes to portray an image that I’m not.

“I can’t pretend to be a person who has a fancy life on camera while back home, I’m faced with a harsh reality. I am not that kind of an individual that goes to acquire garments to depict a picture that I am most certainly not. I have acknowledged my world without disgrace.”

Van Choga who hails from Ruwa, near Harare started pursuing his musical career in 2010 and it took him nine years to be recognised. — @mthabisi_mthire.

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