VAYA offers safe, reliable & convenient transport over festive period

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VAYA offers safe, reliable & convenient transport over festive period

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l Extends free personal accident cover, Mars Rescue services, to cover the clients
VAYA Mobility is offering safe, convenient and reliable transport for the public over the festive season as the economy opens up and Covid-19 infections nationwide remain in   check.

VAYA Mobility, the country’s largest and fastest growing ride-hailing service, is extending the offer at a time there have been sad reports of a spike in robberies among illegal taxi operators.

Authorities have had to warn the public to use registered transport vehicles for local and intercity travel for their own safety.

VAYA said as the Covid-19 restrictions are slowly lifted, the travelling public should remain vigilant, and choose to use safe, properly sanitised vehicles, to avoid contracting the deadly disease.  VAYA’s vehicles are constantly decontaminated against a wide spectrum of viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus.

“VAYA has managed to safely and reliably keep families and friends connected at a time when the world is facing the coronavirus pandemic.

“During the festive season we would like our customers to know that we have them covered, and we have pulled all stops to ensure that family and friends are safe when they use our vehicles,” the company said.

“VAYA offers top class personal transport services to all clients, with their well-groomed partners (drivers) getting better and better at what they do.

“Whether it’s a business trip, group vacation, airport shuttle or a date night, VAYA can take care of the details,” the company said.

To book a ride, one simply downloads the VAYA Africa application on Google Play Store or Apple store, sign up and request a ride. A VAYA partner will be instantly dispatched to the client’s location.

“The beauty of VAYA is that you can pay using cash, Ecocash or Zipit on arrival at your destination.

“VAYA prioritises the safety of its clients. Our partners are rigorously vetted, with police clearances and all. But beyond that, in the unlikely event of an accident, VAYA also offers free Personal Accident cover, as well as Mars Rescue services to cover the client over the duration of the ride,” the company said.

“Our partners are not only hospitable and clean, but they are also honest and punctual. This means getting you to your destination on time and avoiding potentially unnecessary routes,” said VAYA.

“However, should a client feel unsafe for any reason during a VAYA ride, there is an emergence button that they can select on the VAYA App, which will send an alarm identifying the details of the car, name and phone number of the driver, to your selected contacts and the police.”

VAYA, which turned three last month, boasts of more than tens of thousands of vehicles on its digital platform.

These include passenger cars, trucks, tractors and water tankers.

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