Vendor ordered to pay $60 upkeep

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Vendor ordered to pay $60 upkeep

The Chronicle


Yemurai Ushamba, Chronicle Reporter
A VENDOR from Bulawayo has been ordered to pay $60 maintenance, after his plea to the magistrate that he cannot afford it fell on deaf ears.

Esther Butau yesterday dragged David Tsuro to the Maintenance Court demanding $80 for the upkeep of their two children, but the vendor offered $30.

“He is not taking care of his children. I am unemployed and I have been surviving on hand-outs. He is a vendor and I am not sure how much he realises a month. I am requesting for $80 for child support,” he said.

Tsuro offered $30 for the upkeep of his two children aged one and four years old. “$80 is too much for me. In the mean time I am only selling vegetables.

For the past three to four months it’s been difficult to realise at least $30 a month. I am offering $30 for the upkeep of my children. Since it is the duty of both parents to maintain their children we will both contribute towards buying food for them,” he said.

Bulawayo magistrate Mr Usheunesu Matova ordered Tsuro to pay $60.

“$30 for two children is too little. I will rather make an order that $30 is for each child. Look for other ways to earn money so that you can take care of your children. You are ordered to pay $60 a month for the upkeep of your two children,” he said.

Tsuro begged the magistrate to reduce the amount.

“Your worship, I cannot afford to pay $60 a month. May you please reduce the amount? I told you I am just a vegetable vendor and I have never realisedanything close to $60 a month,” he said. — @YUshamba

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