Veteran bassist ditches Ndolwane

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Veteran bassist ditches Ndolwane Ishmael Shudza Maseko

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Ishmael Shudza Maseko

Ishmael Shudza Maseko

Joel Tsvakwi, Showbiz Correspondent
MARTIN Sibanda’s Ndolwane Super Sounds has received a spicy battle ahead of the outfit’s second album launch as one of the trusted bassists has deserted the band.

The Big Boss as Martin is fondly known might be writhing in agony as his trusted veteran bassist, Ishmael Shudza Maseko, has ditched him at the 11th hour.

Maseko said he had always expressed his intention to go solo despite being highly indebted to the mentoring he got from the Amajongosi leader.

“Working with Martin was a blessing as I learnt a lot from him. He’s such an experienced musician and I respect him for what he taught me.

“But, like a child, one cannot be young forever, you need to grow and become an adult. I feel that I’ve grown and I’m now ready to take my own chances in the music industry,” he said.

Having been instrumental to Martin’s Ndolwane Super Sounds as well as the recording of their second album in six years, Maseko is not moved by the likely effects of his departure. He has since formed his own band named Mthutha Express and is doubling up as a guitarist and lead vocalist.

The artiste, who believes Mthutha Express will be a force to reckon with, promised a fast paced, IsiNdebele, seven-track album titled Isigangi Sendoda.

They will start recording the album next month.

“At the moment, I’ve six band members. We’ve managed to do quite a number of songs, some of which we’re already playing at shows in the high density suburbs as we want to perfect our skills and garner confidence before we hit the big stage.”

He said he would not be part of the Ndolwane album launch as he has already parted ways with the band and needs to focus on his own.

“It was my wish to be part of the band (Ndolwane) as they launch their second album which we worked hard to produce. I feel it’s a good album but as I indicated, I’d like to be independent.

“My contract with the band ran from 2004 till end of 2016 and I decided not to renew it, which I feel is a step in the right direction.”

His former boss’ upcoming album, Konke Sizolungisa, was recorded in South Africa and is set to be launched on April 29 at Hillbrow Theatre in Johannesburg before being launched in Zimbabwe on May 6 at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre.

Speaking on behalf of Ndolwane Super Sounds, Thandazani Nyoni — the band’s manager — said their band would not be affected by Maseko’s departure before wishing the former member well in his endeavours.

“His contract expired at the end of 2016 and he didn’t renew it. He’s now doing his own project and this is not going to disturb our plans as we knew we were not going to have him on board,” he said.

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