Vharazipi speaks after death hoax Sabhuku Vharazipi
Sabhuku Vharazipi

Sabhuku Vharazipi

Walter Mswazie, Showbiz Correspondent
HILARIOUS Masvingo comedian, David Mubaiwa aka Sabhuku Vharazipi, has dispelled rumours circulating on social networks indicating that he died on Friday in a car accident along the Masvingo-Harare highway.

The death hoax comes at a time when Mubaiwa, through his group, ZIYA Arts Trust, has produced another hilarious film on disability awareness called, Voice, which is already selling like hot cakes.

Speaking from his rural area in Mashava yesterday, Mubaiwa said the death hoax even reached his wife, Shylet Matimbire’s ears and she cried uncontrollably thinking that he was dead.

“The unfounded rumour unsettled my family especially my wife, Matimbire and the children. My wife said she cried uncontrollably before getting the composure to phone my number, only to realise the story circulating was but only a hoax,” said Mubaiwa.

He said when the news was circulated; he was in Zvishavane together with his colleague Wellington Chindara aka Chairman, marketing their new film, Voice.

Mubaiwa said he received a call from his wife who wanted to confirm whether he was alive or not.

He expressed concern about the unpalatable news saying it could be the work of his detractors who were jealous of his rise to stardom.

“I think the new film, Voice, has confused our detractors because piracy hawks were already selling some discs inscribed Vharazipi 4, which is a collection of our different promotional plays that we do for a number of organisations.

The truth of the matter is we have not produced Vharazipi 4 yet and that could have incensed our detractors hence these disturbing falsehoods. God hasn’t yet decided to take me, let us wait for God’s time,” Mubaiwa said.

He said the death hoax would instead motivate him and his colleagues to keep on producing good films that the nation will always love.

“Everyone is surprised who the person behind these falsehoods is and the motive behind. Death comes once and that you can’t make fun of telling the nation that I’ve died yet I am alive. People should not be mischievous in this manner. This could be the works of detractors who are jealous of my rise to stardom but it motivates us to do more wonders,” said Mubaiwa.

False stories about celebrities’ deaths are on the rise in Zimbabwe, especially artistes. Last year some unscrupulous people circulated fake news of Jah Prayzah’s death.


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