VIDEO: MaUzah produces ED Gqom banger

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VIDEO: MaUzah produces ED Gqom banger

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Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
PRESIDENT Emmerson “ED” Mnangagwa’s Pasi nemhandu chant has inspired former Achuzi group member Unity “MaUzah” Moyo to compose a Gqom track that has gone viral.

A voice note of President Mnangagwa chanting Pasi nemhandu went viral on social media last year, with many people using it as ringtones as they were thrilled by his chants.

Others urged ED, who was the Vice President of the country then, to compile his chants into a CD and make money off selling it. Now, MaUzah — who is based in South Africa — has taken that advice by composing this track which he has simply named Pasi Nemhandu.

MaUzah shared the new track on his Facebook Live at the weekend. The song uses excerpts from ED’s inauguration speech such as “The Voice of the People is the Voice of God”, “Acts of corruption must be stopped” before ending the line with the popular “Pasi Nemhandu”.

It is a groovy track whose video has received over 20 000 views on social media.

MaUzah said the track came about when he was playing around with beats in his studio in Johannesburg and bumped into Mnangagwa’s voice note.

“I listened to the President speak from a recording and I remembered that I had the voice note of him saying Pasi nemhandu, Pasi neGamatox. So I decided to make it into a track with a Gqom twist,” said MaUzah.

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“I didn’t take the production seriously but people started sharing and commenting that it was a good track on social media.”

He said the track will be released next week before stating that he was apolitical.

MaUzah is the man behind the hit Gqom track Phez’kweGqom that blazed dance floors in Bulawayo last year.

He has released two albums, Ebusuku and Survivor and singles Gogogoyi Tasvika, Mastanda and Phez’kwe Gqom.

Since acquiring his own studio equipment, MaUzah has produced songs for several South African musicians among them Durban Nyts, Chester, Smalls Moneymaker and Bhiza, among others.

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