War vets call for President’s resignation

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War vets call for President’s resignation Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa

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Cde Chris Mutsvangwa

Cde Chris Mutsvangwa

Farirai Machivenyika, Harare Bureau
The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association will today hold a rally at Zimbabwe Grounds in Harare to call for the resignation of President Mugabe following the intervention by the military to weed out corrupt elements in Government.

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces intervened on Tuesday to weed out corrupt elements that were causing political and socio-economic challenges confronting the nation.

Addressing a Press conference yesterday, ZNLWVA chairman Cde Chris Mutsvangwa urged the President to leave office immediately.

“We are there to rekindle hope for Zimbabweans.  That is what we are here for and from a very practical angle he makes a decision today to leave, it is upon him to make it and his wife under the terms which he should negotiate with the Generals. Tomorrow is different, we have a rally which we had long in planning.  It is there tomorrow starting in the morning at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield.

“We are appealing to the population of Zimbabwe to come to that rally. He used to go around with his insulting rallies which he called interface where his wife was carrying out diatribes one rally after the other, it was an occasion of diatribes and other insults left, right and centre. He thought he had people.

Tomorrow he is going to see who has the people. So we are appealing to all Zimbabweans tomorrow to come to Zimbabwe Grounds,” he said.

Cde Mutsvangwa urged President Mugabe to urgently pack his bags.

“I hope by the time the multitude which is coming tomorrow has gathered, he would have made his decision of accepting the terms of quickly leaving the country. If he does not, we will settle the scores tomorrow. Repeat, If he does not then, we will settle the scores tomorrow. There is no constituency in Zimbabwe more sovereign than the people of Zimbabwe and this is the constituency which Sadc will respect because their decision on the ground is final,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.

He said the rally was non-partisan adding people should not come wearing party regalia.

He urged the President to leave in line with conditions set by the ZDF to prevent further plunder of the country’s resources.

“We are giving an ultimatum to (President) Mugabe.  This pretence that things are normal going to Zimbabwe Open University and capping people, it’s pretence we won’t accept it, it’s finished. He has to make a decision along the diplomacy being given by Sadc to promptly leave office, that is all we want.

He must leave office still under the terms of the uniformed guys because they are there to protect governments.

“We the war veterans we are there to change things and this is the time for change. We are on the same page with the people of Zimbabwe who have suffered 15 to 20 years of abject economic neglect which has now morphed into plunder of a kleptocratic nature of avarice, avarice unlimited by (First Lady) Grace and her cohorts. So we are there to put an end to that and create hope for the younger generation that is why we are here to create hope for Zimbabwe,” Cde Mutsvangwa said.

The war veterans leader called for peace during today’s rally.

“We are appealing to the people who are coming tomorrow, we want Zimbabweans to be as disciplined as they always have been, legendary discipline, no violence, no looting. We just want to show who we are and the direction will come from there. We want marshals who will make sure that this is organised.

“The way our army has carried out this judicious military intervention, that is exactly what we want tomorrow. You must take example from the way the ZNA are doing their things, discipline tomorrow,” he said.

Cde Mutsvangwa thanked Zimbabweans for the manner they conducted themselves since the ZDF’s intervention.

“I want to salute the population of Zimbabwe, you have remained disciplined, and people thought that you were docile, you are not docile. You suffered so much. You are very measured in your analysis of risk but once you go beyond a certain point with the Zimbabwe population they will make you answer the bill.

“Between now and tomorrow we are giving a stark warning to Mugabe, his wife and anybody willing to associate with him that the game is done, it is finished. We won’t allow this to go further,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zanu-PF Manicaland Province was yesterday mobilising buses to transport people to attend the rally.

The province expects to use 10 buses.

The ZRP on the other hand cleared the ZNLWVA rally at Zimbabwe Grounds.

A letter from Officer Commanding Harare South District Chief Superintendent Nyaumwe said they had enough personnel to provide security at the event and urged the organisers of the event to provide mobile toilets for people attending the rally.

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