Warriors midfielder ‘neglects’ daughter

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Warriors  midfielder ‘neglects’  daughter Ali Sadiki

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Ali Sadiki

Ali Sadiki

Harare Bureau
FC Platinum and Warriors midfielder Ali Sadiki was yesterday ordered to pay monthly maintenance of $352 for the upkeep of his daughter and maintenance for his pregnant ex-wife, Sharon Chimwanza.
Harare magistrate Tafadzwa Muvhami also ordered Sadiki to pay another once off payment of $300 for the expenses of his unborn child before the end of April.

In passing the judgment, Muvhami said the parties stayed together for seven years before separating for three weeks.
He said Chimwanza claimed $600 for herself and $517 for one minor child.

“The court has noted that the applicant is eight months pregnant and she revealed that the respondent was neglecting his child,” said Muvhami.

“It is understood that the respondent did not oppose that the applicant wants to be maintained as he offered $200.
“The child should be included in the order.”

Muvhami said the court took into consideration that it was the duty of the parents to take care of the children.
“I will take into consideration that the respondent earns $800 only and I will give 50 percent of every amount claimed as it is the duty of all parents to take care of their child,” he said.

Sadiki was last week summoned to the Harare civil court by Chimwanza who was claiming $1,117 for the upkeep of their daughter and maintenance of her eight-month pregnancy.

Chimwanza told the court that the footballer was not taking care of her eight-month pregnancy and their daughter.
She said Sadiki also played for the national squad where he gets paid $800 together with camping allowance and was recently in Malawi with the national team where he was paid $800.

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