Washout! Van Choga & AY Poyoo are taking over

15 Jul, 2020 - 00:07 0 Views
Washout! Van Choga &  AY Poyoo are taking over Van Choga and AY Poyoo

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Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent
Meeeeeee, washout! Ghanaian AY Poyoo and Zimdancehall sensation Van Choga are taking over the continental music scene.

The two seem crazy upon seeing them for the first time, but in actual fact, they are both on a quest to penetrate the music scene with their awkward characters which people have come to love.

The two comic Internet sensations who have caught the attention of many because of their weird characters – a vagrant and a goat yesterday released a song, Ghetto Rules, a collaborative effort which came as a joke.

But after listening to the song, those who took to YouTube in their thousands to listen to the song, commended the two for their creativity.

Judging from comments thus far, the fast-rising artistes hit the right chord with fans now eagerly waiting for a video of the song as well as a music show once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

“It came as a joke but it’s actually a banger,” commented one fan.

“Van Choga is here to stay and we were never ready for this,” commented another.

The track which has elements of Zimdancehall and Ghanaian trap opens with a signature from producer Mars and Van Choga. AY Poyoo seals it with his “goat meeeeee, washout (watch out)” trademark.

With the song centred on life in the ghetto, the artistes who both come from the ghetto, take turns to share the dos and don’ts of the ghettos in their countries. Stealing is regarded as part of scenarios which are highly condemned.

They also emphasise on the fact that one has to hustle hard to come out of the ghetto and this is something both artistes are doing.

Quizzed if a video for the track was in the pipeline, Van Choga said he is in talks with AY Poyoo although the lockdown is crippling their creativity. He said if they do manage to record a video, it will be amazing as they will portray the similarity of African ghettos.

He added that he was humbled by the support the song was receiving.

“I’m very happy with the response the song is getting. I’d like to thank Zimbabweans, Ghanaians and the whole of Africa for the support that they’ve showed us,” said Van Choga.

Other than the collaboration, Van Choga who has been doing music for the past nine years, said he is appreciative of the support people have given his music career. “The response is so overwhelming and I’m shocked that a lot of people have been following my work in the terraces. This is something I’ve always dreamed of and now that the time has come, I’m overwhelmed.” he said.

On working with Ay Poyoo, Van Choga said: “It was quite a good experience that I’ll forever cherish as he’s one of the best artistes to have come out through the lockdown period, same as me.” – @mthabisi_mthire.

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