WATCH: Constitutional Court dismisses Kasukuwere’s appeal Mr Saviour Kasukuwere


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A three-panel bench of the Constitutional Court has dismissed self-exiled aspiring presidential candidate Mr Saviour Kasukuwere’s appeal to access the Apex court.

According to Star FM News, in the ruling read out by Deputy Chief Justice Elizabeth Gwaunza today, the court threw out the appeal on the basis that the matter brought by Mr Kasukuwere was an appeal in disguise saying all remedies are supposed to be exhausted at the Supreme Court.

Deputy Chief Justice Elizabeth Gwaunza

This comes after a Zanu PF youth, Lovedale Mangwana, brought a lawsuit against Mr Kasukuwere on the grounds that he has been away from Zimbabwe for 18 months, making him unqualified to be a candidate.

His contention is that Kasukuwere has not been resident in any constituency and the country for a period in excess of 18 consecutive months and his name could not by that circumstance, be retained on the voter’s roll.

To this end, Mangwana argued that Mr Kasukuwere’s name ceased to be on the voter’s roll by operation of law. As a non-voter, he could not be nominated for election to any office.

Mr Kasukuwere wanted to contest as an independent candidate and was among the 11 candidates that successfully filed their nomination on June 21 to contest in the Presidential election on August 23.

The dismissal of the appeal paves the way for ZEC to print the presidential ballot papers. Mr Kasukuwere’s agent, Jacqueline Sande, however, said they will go back to the Supreme Court to make another appeal.

She also added that they have a pending case at the Concourt, which is supposed to confirm High Court judge Mangota’s earlier ruling nullifying Kasukuwere’s candidature, as well as another case barring ZEC from changing dates of the postal voting.

Other candidates are President Mnangagwa of ZANU PF, Joseph Makamba Busha of Free Zim Congress, Nelson Chamisa of CCC, Trust Chikohora of ZCPD, Blessing Kasiyamhuru of ZIPP, Professor Lovemore Madhuku of NCA, Wilbert Mubaiwa of NPC, Gwinyai Henry Muzorewa of UANC, Douglas Mwonzora of MDC and Wilson Harry Peter of DOP.

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