WATCH: Fans can’t wait to get back to the stadium

23 Oct, 2021 - 00:10 0 Views
WATCH: Fans can’t wait to get back to the stadium Carlmarx Nkomo

The Chronicle

Ricky Zililo, Senior Sports Reporter
THE ZIMBABWE National Soccer Supporters Association (ZNSSA) is appealing to local football fans to follow set guidelines that allow only vaccinated fans into the stadium.

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) said 2 000 vaccinated fans will be allowed to watch matches inside the stadium, starting with the Chibuku Super Cup quarter-finals to be played next weekend.  The Premier Soccer League is seized with advance ticket pricing logistics and selling points.

Carlmarx Nkomo, ZNSSA vice-president, pleaded with fans to cooperate when the time comes to access the games. He urged those without tickets to stay away from match venues.

“We’re grateful to the Government for finally lifting the ban on supporters to watch games at the stadium. This decision comes with great responsibility, meaning that fans must familiarise themselves with set requirements and adhere to all protocols,” said Nkomo.

“We know that there are a lot of people that would want to be at the stadium, but we’re saying please don’t go to the stadium and try to force your way in when you know that you are not vaccinated and don’t have a ticket. To those who will be observing or manning entry points, please shun corrupt dealings by allowing unvaccinated people passage into the stadium. There is no need to compromise the health of the people and put other fans at risk and risk another ban on fans. If we truly love soccer and our teams, let us follow the protocols,” he said.

Authorisation of fans’ admittance to the stadia is subject to stringent health protocols in a bid to minimise the risk of fresh Covid-19 outbreaks at sports events.

The SRC yesterday released details and conditions to be followed when fans go to the stadium.

“l All spectators to have been FULLY VACCINATED and are to bring their vaccination cards to the match venue for inspection including positive identification

Standard zoning of the stadia to separate the players, technical staff and others in the teams’ bio-secure bubbles, to be enforced

Allocation of spectators to respective bays; zones to be arranged prior to the match and advised to all admitted persons

Spectators to be evenly distributed across all bays; zones of hosting stadia

Separate gate entry points for spectators to be allocated to different bays or zones

In terms of current Statutory Instrument, only fully vaccinated spectators (as well as participants, official delegates, volunteers and all event staff) to be allowed into the venue

All spectators are to adhere to all Covid-19 protocols as appropriate (social distancing, sanitizing, masking up etc.)

Detailed nominal lists of spectators admitted to the match to be placed at designated gate entry points to respective bays for inspection by stadium security details. Those not on the list shall be outrightly denied access to enter the stadium

Association Covid-19 compliance teams will maintain special Covid-19 registers at respective gate entry points to capture and record results for temperature readings;

All spectators to strictly adhere to the World Health Organisation and Ministry of Health and Child Care protocols for mitigating the spread of Covid-19

Be guided by the Ministry of Health and Child Care on local health measures and Government declarations on level of lockdown at any given time

Be guided by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, who control and facilitate movement of people into and out of the country.

Furthermore, the SRC notified all national sports associations that no spectators in excess of 100 would be allowed to any sporting event unless an application has been made and a waiver granted by the country’s supreme sport controlling body. – @ZililoR


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