WATCH: Go-to place for families, Terry Gardens gets new management

Mthabisi Tshuma

Nestled along the tranquil riverbanks of the Limpopo River, Terry Gardens in Beitbridge which opened its doors on March 12 is now under new management.

The area which offers a sanctuary for all age groups, celebrating the harmonious blend of nature and community connection, exudes the potential of domestic tourism that the country can tap into. It is now under the management of businessman Tapiwa Gandiwa who is experienced in this area as he owns several establishments.

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On weekends, the area provides a delightful respite for visitors as they revel in the beauty of the river.

Deserving the title of the ultimate playground for all ages, the modernised garden welcomes everyone from infants to the elderly. The creation of this retreat is deeply inspired by the natural beauty of the river, with nature serving as the guiding light.

An atmosphere of camaraderie among Southern African Development Community (SADC) members Zimbabwe and South Africa is experienced as families play with their children while elders engage in meaningful conversations.

Terry Gardens manager, Obey Hokonya, expressed their commitment to utilising the space to support the Government’s domestic tourism initiative and to promote tourism in Zimbabwe.

“At Terry Gardens, we aim to promote tourism to Beitbridge locally and Zimbabwe internationally. As stakeholders in the tourism industry, we believe it is our responsibility to market the country and contribute to achieving an upper-middle economy by 2030 through increased tourist visits.

“Our facilities include fish feeding, crocodile watching, kids games, beach soccer, and braai among other activities. In essence, at Terry Gardens, the good times never go out of style,” Hokonya said.




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