WATCH : Meet Skhumz Moonwalker: The rising star keeping Michael Jackson’s legacy alive From left to right - Moon Walker ,Skhumbuzo Sigola and Moonwalker with DJ Fresh

Sipepisiwe Moyo,[email protected]

Skhumbuzo Sigola, best known as Skhumz Moonwalker, a young man from Bulawayo renowned for his impressive impersonation of the late Michael Jackson’s iconic dance moves, is making waves.

He was a hit at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair where he made appearances at various exhibition stands in the company of impersonators of the late President Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo.

Skhumz grew up with a passion for dance, inspired by his father, who loved music and was a talented dancer himself.
“Growing up, my father loved Michael Jackson and had many of his records. I grew up listening to his music, which inspired me to emulate his dance moves,” he shared.

“I started dancing in 2007 at school, but I wasn’t very serious about it at the time. I was raised by my maternal grandparents, who loved my dancing and encouraged me to pursue it further. My grandfather always advised me to ignore negative comments as long as I was doing the right thing and to stick to my hustle,” he said.

With his talent, Moonwalker has had the opportunity to share the stage with artistes such as Sulumani Chimbetu, Jah Master, Big Zulu, Bazooker, Fab G, Beverly, and Alick Macheso.

However, Skhumz faces challenges as most young people are not familiar with Michael Jackson’s music and dance styles.
“When I started, people judged my art because it was different from the popular trends like pantsula, breakdancing, and other genres. They said my styles weren’t good. Another challenge was the lack of support—I had no manager or anyone to help with my costumes. But I stood firm and prayed to God for strength.”

He advised other up-and-coming artistes never to give up but to persevere.
“Nothing comes easy; just keep pushing until something positive happens and always remember to pray,” he said.

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