WATCH: Obert Dube showers praises on Chief Dakamela in latest video Obert Dube


Blessing Karubwa, [email protected]

Poet, Obert Dube has released a poetic video hailing Chief Dakamela, one of the five chiefs of the Nkayi district, for his exuberant leadership skills.

Since being appointed in 2019 when he was 24 years old, the chief has championed numerous initiatives, being the first traditional leader to initiate some.

In his video, Dube did not just highlight the chief’s activities; he also claimed that the arrival of Chief Dakamela into power helped alleviate the poverty issues in the Nkayi District.

He said Nkayi is no longer the same.

In an interview, Dube explained that in addition to being a poet, he is also a philanthropist, thus the poem was a way for him to give back to the community. He claimed that the chief’s initiatives are acting as a catalyst for unity.

“I’m not just a poet, but I also help people because I give back to the community. Pictures in that video support what is being said about the chief. It is not everyone who listens to audio so that is why I put pictures so that I synchronise with the poem.

“Chief Dakamela is very young in terms of age, but he is a visionary according to what I have seen and what he has done. Since he was inaugurated, he has been uniting Ndebele people by awarding them awards among other activities.

“By bringing people together, we get to know each other, akulamuntu omithisa isihlobo and that is the sole purpose of such meetings in the Ndebele culture,” he said.

Dube said the video that was released last week is also available on his Facebook page.

In a separate interview with the Chronicle Showbiz, Chief Dakamela said: “The video resembles the Dakamela jurisdiction. If one checks the activities that we have been doing are historic. I’m not only a Dakamela Chief, instead, if anyone identifies me as their chief, I accept and welcome them despite jurisdiction issues.

“That is why in that video, I requested that they put the videos of everyone who identifies me as their chief. I am a chief for everyone.”

The poetic video features the chief’s amabutho, a few Nkayi villagers, Nkayi South MP Cde Stars Mathe, Senator Chief Mtshane Khumalo and several initiatives among other individuals connected to the chief. – @KarubwaTicha

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