WATCH: SaMaNgwe trains son to keep band’s legacy alive

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WATCH: SaMaNgwe trains son to keep band’s legacy alive This is how it is done...Fiselani SaMangwe Ngwenya showing his son Sympathy Ngwenyana Ngwenya how to play the guitar.

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Mkhululi Ncube, Showbiz Reporter
After realising how most musicians’ children have been struggling to uphold the legacy of their parents after their death, rhumba musician Fiselani “SaMaNgwe” Ngwenya who leads Mlambos Express Band wants to change this narrative.

He is tutoring his young son, Sympathy “Ngwenyana” Ngwenya how to play the guitar and other elements of music so as to keep the legacy of the band alive.

In a one-minute video that has gone viral among rhumba lovers on social media platforms, SaMaNgwe is seen playing the lead guitar while his son plays the bass guitar like a professional.

The 16-year-old is a Form Three pupil at Phakamani Secondary School in Plumtree town.

Sympathy “Ngwenyana” Ngwenya

In an interview, SaMangwe said his son has shown great interest in rhumba music and possesses talent.

“He’s shown great interest in the band as he comes to watch us during practice sessions. He loves the bass guitar and I think this (Ngwenyana playing the instrument) could be a solution for me as I’ve always had a huge turnover of bass players who after being trained, leave. He may as well cover that gap since this is his legacy,” said SaMaNgwe.

The Plan B hit-maker said playing with his son will bring fulfillment as he would have passed his knowledge and skills to him.

He said Ngwenyana, as he is already referred to by rhumba fans, is also receiving assistance from the band’s bass player Melinkosi Ngwenya as they are spending a lot of time together.

While he is not yet ripe to record, SaMaNgwe said Ngwenyana will be playing with the band during live shows so that he gets used to the stage and playing in front of crowds.

SaMaNgwe said several musicians’ children only develop an interest in music after the demise of their parents. This he said, will be a little too late as they will have no one to guide them, something SaMaNgwe wants to avoid.

“Some children of former musicians enter the music scene after being pressurised by fans who would’ve supported their parents. The challenge is that when you’re old, it’s not easy to learn the ropes unlike when you’re young. This is why I want to train my son now while he can hold concepts fast,” he said.

The lanky musician said his other three children also have an interest in music and he wants to guide them so that they learn to balance music with their schoolwork.

SaMaNgwe went on to encourage other musicians to impart their music skills to their children.

“I want to encourage other artistes to assist their children who show interest in music while they’re still alive. We train a lot of people who play with us but leave our own children who end up struggling when we’re gone.

“We must train them so that they get these lessons from us rather than being trained by someone else,” he said. — @themkhust.

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