WATCH: The voice that has held online audiences captive- meet Mgcini

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WATCH: The voice that has held online audiences captive- meet Mgcini Photographer Mgcini Sibanda who is an upcoming voice over artist

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Angela Sibanda, Showbiz Correspondent

WE all love and cherish our God given talents and embrace them to ensure that something huge comes out of whatever we do. But how do people handle being multi-talented?

29-year-old Mgcini Nkosiyabo Sibanda is a well-known Bulawayo based photographer who has been captivating people on social media with voice- over clips that rival commercial adverts.

For the past six months, Mgcini has been experimenting with his voice on official popular adverts and trailers where he removes the original sound and creates his own versions.

“I use videos that I see on Tik Tok, which would be done by other people, I look for the video and edit it with my own lines.

“It’s something that I recently discovered with myself because all along, I have been more into reciting poems and singing at church. I just started recording myself over the past months and really liked the outcome,” said Mgcini.

Growing up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, he discovered his singing and preaching talents at a late stage of his life and has since been focusing on his new discoveries until the recent interest in voice-over projects.

“I have several talents and I discovered most of them when I was older. I discovered my ability to sing at the age of 17 and I have been singing at church, something that has been an amazing experience.

“Later on, around my early 20s, I discovered that I am a public speaker and a preacher. I draw my inspiration from preachers like CD Brooks, Martin Luther King Jr and Chaplain Barry Black. These men ignited my love for preaching, but it was their ability to bring emotions to their voices that really inspired me.

Photographer Mgcini Sibanda who is an upcoming voice over artist

“And I believe all this love for preaching really helped me to understand my own voice and everything that I could do with it,” he said.

Mgcini wishes to break barriers and has a dream of working for reputable organisations that can make use of his skills.

“Ever since I started uploading some of the voice over clips that I had made, the reactions that I got from those who have come across the videos have been amazing and encouraging.

“I have managed to get a number of clients, mainly small businesses who want to do adverts. I am hoping to get recognition from  radio stations, television stations and advertising companies. Working for stations like Super Sport, DSTV and Skyz Metro FM amongst others would be a dream come true for me,” he said.

Mgcini is the founder of MNS Photography, a company that has gained reputation around the country and nearby South Africa through providing professional photography services for individual and company events.


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