Wedding of the week

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Wedding of the week

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Wedding of . . . Walter Bekithemba Mswazie, first born child of Pethinel and Angeline Dube (both late) of Mberengwa and Shingirai Nyagumbo, the sixth and last born of Rhoda Hilda and Joseph Nyagumbo (both late) of Rhodene, Masvingo.

Tied the knot on . . . February 9, 2020, at SDA Church, Rhodene, at a ceremony presided over by Pastor JT Gwerete.

Reception . . . Was held at Mr and Mrs Chiriro’s home in Rhodene because of its scenic outlook and well-maintained environment, coupled with the ambiance within its rooms. The garden also presented a romantic atmosphere.

How did you meet? . . . I was introduced to my fiancée by an Elder at his church (Seventh Day Adventist Church) sometime in June 2017. He gave him my number and we started chatting until we formed a formidable partnership after which he asked us to meet for the first time. We met after two weeks of chatting and he took me to Chevron Hotel in Masvingo where we had an opulent dinner of T-bone and chips.

My heart skipped a bit as I did not expect to be spoilt at the earliest time of our dating because I had not yet found “my soul”. I was not feeling heartily attached to Walter, but surprisingly, I had this nagging feeling of being too close to him every time. In actual fact, I missed everything about him and after almost a month of chatting and going through our past experiences, my heart started to open up to him and I could not wait to hear his proposal. Above all, the thing that struck me is, Walter would always emphasise on fearing God and as a Minister in a Pentecostal church, the words were familiar and I told myself that I had at last, found Mr Right.

How did he propose . . . I’m the one who proposed. Last year when I visited him at his house in May, I said it is high time that we become husband and wife. Walter did not disagree and actually said let us plan for it. We set December 22 as the day to pay lobola, but it was postponed to January 5, 2020. When he came to our family house to pay lobola (bride price), he was accompanied by his younger brother Yassah, his friend Ndumiso Mgutshini and his cousins Paul and Tatenda Mswazie. 

Leading up to the wedding . . . There was so much anxiety as I was the first in my family out of four sisters (two late) to have a wedding. The thought that I had scored a first in the family was both intriguing and challenging as I was supposed to impress. My matron of honour from my husband’s church SDA – Mrs Chiwara, my sister Ms Harry and my aunt Pauline Kadewere stood by me. My fiancée was also extraordinarily supportive.

Did you face any challenges preparing for the wedding? . . . The preparations were not all rosy as a lot of financial commitment was needed, from bridal team clothes and wedding gowns, let alone the decoration at the venue. Also, all service providers demanded money in United States dollars and that gave us a very big challenge considering that the coffers were not sustainable. However, my fiancée’s church came in handy as the venue and transport were provided at no charge.

Wedding colours . . . We chose blush pink, gold and white as our wedding colours. This blended well and brought out a magical mesmerising look which resonated well with my taste.

Wedding cake . . . The fruit cake was baked by Mrs Pauline Kadewere Jnr. 

Favourite part of the wedding . . . Was when we kissed to show our undying love for each other with the whole congregation starring at us.

The most touching speech . . . Was when the marriage officer, who is also our Pastor, JT Gwerete asked us to make our loving vows. Walter made me blush when he said: “Shingi, you’re of angelic beauty, I’ll unconditionally love you to eternity.”

On our menu . . . There was rice and traditional food as well as ice-cream, drinks and fruit salads.

Photography was provided by . . . Mr Chiwara.

Master of ceremony was . . . Elder Moyo and Elder Mugabe.

Entertainment was provided by . . . SDA devotional songs (instrumental).

Honeymoon . . . We are going to Victoria Falls.

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