Welcome to Bulawayo…Artistes unveil vibrant banners for ZITF visitors Ma9ine

Sipepisiwe Moyo, [email protected]

AS the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) draws closer, artistes in Bulawayo will be welcoming visitors to the city in style through banners set in strategic positions with welcome messages scribbled on them.

The names of the artistes who came up with this initiative are Mzoe7, Ma9ine, and Boss Wadaz.

This will not only make the visitors feel welcome, but it will also give them an immediate awareness that they have entered Zimbabwe’s cultural hub. Mzoe7 had this to say about the initiative:

“As Bulawayo artistes we are ready to welcome every tourist who is coming into the city and into the region, since Bulawayo is the cultural hub of Zimbabwe and at the same time the ZITF is being hosted by us the artistes we need to showcase our talents. We will have events lined up to entertain the people.


“We will hold road shows on a daily basis to celebrate our culture to celebrate our business as artistes because the other thing that people do not understand is that music is a business and they think it is all about jumping around not realising that the art sector employs quite a number of people, from lawyers, graphic designers, managers, among others,” said Mzoe7.

Mzoe7 said that they will collaborate with videographers, actors and dancers to showcase the greatness of art. Additionally, they plan to display brand films throughout the city and online, ensuring that visitors to Bulawayo know what to expect. As part of this initiative, Mzoe7 will release a single titled Tshilamoya, Highlander during the ZITF.

“I will also be dropping a track titled Tshilamoya, a song celebrating our heritage as Highlanders is one of the biggest football teams in our country. The video has been done and featured there is the Barbourfields Stadium, the statue of the late Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo and amakasi townships.

“I captured the heritage of Bulawayo and Matabeleland in the video. We will also be selling Bulawayo branded merchandise, that is Bulawayo made apparel and food so people should look out for those,” he stated.

He further indicated that they will be located at Bulawayo Centre most of the time. This is also where they will be hosting artistes and people can come and taste local food while receiving give-aways in collaboration with True Elegance.

“We will be doing a lot during ZITF, we also have people coming into the country who want us to take them around the city. So we will be doing quite a lot of tours around the city. People want to see our suburbs. We are thinking of approaching the ministry of tourism as we will be showing people our city and heritage,” he said.

Boss Wadaz and Mzoe7, in a unified declaration, expressed their enthusiasm for collaborating with a diverse range of corporations.

Boss Wadaz

“They highlighted that their venture has already garnered the support of no fewer than eleven esteemed companies, reflecting a strong communal backing for their initiative.

“As Bulawayo artistes we are working hard to put the city on the map using the fact that Bulawayo is the cultural hub of the city to our advantage.

“We also aim to spread the spirit of unity in our nation using ourselves as examples to unite different tribes and work together peacefully, our aim is to promote culture in Bulawayo and fight substance abuse in the process,” said Boss Wadaz

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