What does slim fit actually mean?

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What does slim fit  actually mean?

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Yoliswa Dube

A PICTURE of Heavy-K in a white body-hugging T-shirt and white skinny jeans got me thinking about this. Have men taken the slim fit trend a bit too far?
Heavy-K is, well, heavy, literally. He’s had enough pizzas and burgers to last him a while but that’s beside the point. The point is his failure to realise that his body type and slim fit should not be used excessively in the same sentence.

His tummy was spilling out of the T-shirt and I wondered if his wardrobe was running out or he just got his T-shirt size wrong. But it was probably neither.

He just wanted to wear a slim fit something.

It bugs me how not just the chubby men are going too slim with the slim fit but even the skinny guys are literally plastering clothes on their bodies.

The pants are the most disturbing. They get so tight so much that we can see their essentials. Now, they have their things out there for everyone to see.

They’ll even find a tailor to trim the seams to make sure the pants are really slim. I just feel you’re missing the point gents.

Clothing comes in a variety of styles and fits, and every gentleman has his own preference as to which looks best on him. But it’s important to know what you’re shopping for, and that you be able to distinguish between tailored fit, regular fit, regal fit, and slim fit.

Yes, gone are the baggy clothing trends of the early 2000s. Slim fit clothing has become increasingly popular with men seeking a more modern style, but murdering the trend is making it unbearable for some of us.

The idea should be; where regular fit clothing tends to leave a bit more space, slim fit items will hug your frame, not so closely that you look like the Hulk, but enough so your clothing won’t have excess fabric and or bunch.

While you can buy an entire slim fit suit, it’s also customary to purchase slim fit items as separates, allowing you to mix and match various colours and patterns for a wider wardrobe selection.

Slim fit shirts typically have darts in the back, which are two crescent-shaped lines on either side. Darts allow the shirt to taper and hang closer to the body. The back panel of these shirts is also cut on a slight curve, bringing it in slightly at the shoulders and the back allowing the shirt to adhere closer to the body’s figure.

Typically, slim fit pants will always have a flat-front design, are snug through the legs and taper slightly towards the bottom, ending in a small leg opening. The pants should be snug, about half inch of fabric when pinched between your fingers, but you should be able to move and sit with ease. They should sit comfortably at your waist and you should be able to fasten them without holding your breath or sucking in.

Be aware that slim fit shirts and pants sizing varies by brand. Depending on the label, for example, your 34 may not be a consistently reliable measurement. Slimmer accessories best accompany your slim fit suit. A regular tie may look bulky or too wide.

Slim fit jackets traditionally have a slightly higher lapel and a lower button, which works to lengthen the look of your torso. The jackets are usually shorter in length than their regular fit counterparts but should fit the same in relation to your shirt, allowing about an inch of sleeve to show.

While the slim fit look isn’t the be-all-end-all of suit fashion, it has become popular for the modern gentleman. Though it typically favours those with lean builds, when correctly worn it can give anyone a stylish, trimmed-down silhouette.

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