Responsible gambling is of paramount importance to us and that is why we would also like to point out the risks that gambling at non GamStop casinos entails. 

Non GamStop casinos are not there to make you rich but to let you have fun. Naturally, the online casinos without GamStop at gampro will make money from each player, simply because they cannot exist otherwise.

With online gambling, great prizes can undoubtedly be won, but (a lot of) money can also be lost. In addition, online gambling carries the risk that you can get a gambling addiction.

On this responsible gambling page, we would like to discuss with you how a gambling addiction can be tackled and how you can gamble responsibly.

Groups to which no games of chance may be offered/promoted are:

  • People aged 0 – 18 years
  • (Ex) gambling addicts
  • People with a cognitive disability

Risk of Gambling Addiction

Those who are not good at adhering to limits can soon have to deal with a gambling addiction. If you can’t stop playing, gamble too much and spend too much money, you will create a gambling addiction and it is certainly not easy to get rid of.

The temptation to place a new bet is great and before you know it you will lose yourself at the online casino. Responsible gambling is therefore very important so that you can keep yourself under control at all times as soon as you enter the online casino.

A gambling addiction can cause major financial problems and social and psychological problems can also arise. A gambling addiction must therefore always be prevented.

How Do You Recognize a Gambling Addiction?

A gambling addiction has many consequences. That is why it is important to know how to recognize a gambling addiction so that you can intervene in time if things still go wrong. If you are addicted to gambling you may have different symptoms. Below we show you the most common symptoms:

You can’t stop thinking about non GamStop gambling and you have a strong tendency to visit the online casino again and again.

You don’t manage to keep yourself to your limits and you break the agreements you made with yourself.

You spend more money on online gambling than you can afford.

You lose social contact because you prefer to spend your free time on online gambling.

It is not possible to reduce or stop online gambling.

You keep betting money until you make a profit and keep playing after that.

You create financial problems and can no longer pay bills.

You do not take advice from others if they want to help you stop gambling online.

Agencies for The Best Help

Of course, many more symptoms can indicate a gambling addiction, but we have listed the most important ones for you above. If you recognize yourself in these symptoms, chances are that you have a gambling addiction yourself and that it is time for responsible gambling or even stop gambling altogether. In that case, it is smart to contact an organization that can help you with this. There is certainly no shame in seeking help to overcome a gambling addiction; this is a very smart choice. Various agencies can help you to gamble responsibly again or to stop gambling altogether. Below you will find various agencies that are ready for you:

Tips for Responsible Gambling

If you want to start gambling online or are already doing so, it is always useful and wise to read through some tips. We would therefore like to give you tips that can help you with responsible gambling. This way you know what to pay attention to to be able to gamble responsibly online.

We start with the tip to determine your budget in advance. Never just bet amounts of money, because if you have no insight into this, there is a very good chance that you will bet more money than possible. You do not want to develop financial problems. If you agree with yourself in advance how much money you want to bet and how much money you can lose, you know exactly where to draw the line and stop playing. For example, agree with yourself that you may not spend more than a hundred euros per month at an online casino no GamStop.

Another tip we want to give you is to play for fun only. Do not play with the aim of making money from online gambling as winning prizes is never guaranteed. Keep it fun for yourself and only play at the online casino to entertain yourself. And if you win a prize, that’s a bonus.

Be sure not to play too long at an online casino. If you play too often and too long at a casino online, there is a good chance that you will lose control. Will you win a prize? Then it is often wise to stop playing and have the winnings paid out. This way you enjoy your cash prize and avoid placing new bets to try to get an even higher prize.


Online gambling does not have to be risky, as long as you stick to responsible gambling. As long as you deal with (online) games of chance responsibly, there is nothing to worry about. Always stick to your agreements and limits to avoid spending more money than possible.

If you do lose control of yourself, it is important and very wise to seek help from one of the agencies mentioned by us.

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