Why bother bringing Davido?

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Why bother bringing Davido? Davido

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A MUSIC promoter’s worst nightmare is extensively marketing an event only for a performer not to pitch up, leaving them with a bunch of disappointed music lovers baying for their blood, demanding refunds and discrediting their name in the process.

This is the story with 2Kings Entertainment, the music promotion company that has, on two occasions, attempted to have Nigerian star, Davido, perform in Harare.

On the first attempt, Davido who is famed for hit track, Fall, as well as his feature on Jah Prayzah’s My Lilly, was supposed to perform during Jah Prayzah’s Kutonga Kwaro album launch in October last year, but unfortunately, had to cancel his trip at the last hour because of a police case in Nigeria over his friend’s death. Tickets to the launch had been priced steeply because of Davido’s appearance and had to be reduced when show attendees realised the artiste would not be gracing the event.

Fans understood Davido’s absence was not the promoter’s fault and as such, the promoter attempted hosting him again two months later. This time around, the event was dubbed the “My Lilly tour”. It was, and is still not clear why he failed to travel to Zimbabwe and instead preferred to promote his 30 Billion concert in Nigeria. Fans were watching and at this point, indications were that they were no longer interested in having the Nigerian perform in the country as he had shown no interest. What worsened the situation was that he did not apologise for failing to make it.

Not only fans were disappointed as 2Kings Entertainment, according to sources, incurred huge losses as they could not recover the appearance fee amounting to $90 000 they had paid in advance to the Nigerian singer.

Now, businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure has been roped in to assist 2 Kings to bring the Nigerian for a show tentatively set for April 21. It has been dubbed the “30 Billion Concert”.

By partnering Ginimbi who seems to command a lot of respect from artistes, 2 Kings likely hope that the artiste will finally come. When he made his maiden appearance in Zimbabwe in 2015, Davido is said to have stayed by Ginimbi’s residence, hence their bond.

It seems Ginimbi has really rescued 2 Kings as their call for help came at the right time since the socialite is apparently angling his business interests towards showbiz with the opening of bottle stores and butcheries under the name Liquor Boys. SA TV personality, Boity Thulo has also been invited to host the event, a move people believe is a deliberate ploy to wow Davido with some eye candy.

In a clip posted on social media, Davido apologised for failing to come to Zimbabwe and said this time he is coming ‘for real’.

“I’ll be coming back to Zimbabwe for real this time. I do apologise to my fans that waited for me that time. There were some problems I had to attend to, but this time I will be live in Harare and thanks to my big brother Ginimbi, who is bringing me there,” said Davido.

Despite these efforts, the upcoming Davido show has been hit by scepticism. Most have not been excited at the announcement, but rather sceptical as to whether or not Davido will pitch up come April 21. Also there is not much interest because Davido is no longer hot in the market as the track My Lilly which many were excited by, has since been overtaken by Jah Prayzah’s and Jah Cure’s Angel Lo.

Just like Zodwa Wabantu’s failed appearances, fans no longer have faith in Davido let alone 2Kings Entertainment leaving one wondering why the promoters are keen on having Davido perform in the country.

If he does come, Davido needs to ensure he puts up a 10 star performance, similar to that of P Square during the Lion Lager beer festival, otherwise he risks being booed off stage. Boity as well needs to go the extra mile as local artistes are already up in arms with organisers for giving her the slot at the expense of equally talented local personalities.

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