Why you should study at Poly

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Why you should study at Poly

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B-Tech Department 1

Bulawayo Polytechnic is the institution that gives an individual the practical side of things as most courses dwell more on the practical aspect other than just giving theory.

As we are anchored in the real world of production, you learn the job, and you get to do the trade, and not just rely on instructions from the books.
We produce a fully rounded individual not a theoretical expert.

Aim to study with the polytechnic if you are not just aiming to be an employee but are looking forward to be a boss.

We don’t teach people to go and look for jobs, we train innovators and entrepreneurs who will identify problems in society and create employment for themselves, and others.

Our students are in demand across industry and we have received in the past years, positive feedback from happy companies following their interactions from students who have completed industrial attachment with them.

A number of Bulawayo Polytechnic students secure employment during their years of internship, courtesy of their skills acquired from us, and the passion that we inspire to have on the works of their hands.

We have partners strategically positioned around the globe and we boast of very powerful alumni who are captains of industry and are always working to assist poly students learn the ropes and rose through the ranks of the corporate world.

We are the institution for problem solvers and innovators and are in search for new ideas. This is the institution that will help you realise your dream

We boast of vibrant sporting facilities so health and fitness is guaranteed for our students as we have a gym, courts for various sports, a soccer field and coaches who will make your life away from the lecture rooms interesting.

Our sporting teams have won numerous awards and some of our students have turned into professional sportsmen, you could discover your calling.

We promote a culture of tolerance and we celebrate each other’s diversity. We have students from across Zimbabwe and Africa and this is a perfect setting for an individual to get out of a comfort zone and explore the rest of the world, from campus.

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