Winky D’s album takes SA by storm

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Winky D’s album takes SA by storm Winky D

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Winky D

Winky D

Kiyapili Sibanda recently in Johannesburg
WINKY D’s recently released Gombwe album has breached regional boundaries as it is proving popular in many of the clubs and taverns that are frequented by Zimbabweans in South Africa.

A visit to these spots in Yeoville and Hillbrow showed that the dancehall guru’s album was on heavy rotation with tracks like Ngirozi, Marobots and Bho Yangu being the most played.

Most Zimbabweans who spoke to this publication said they were enjoying the album and requested that Winky D visits South Africa.

One reveller in Hillbrow, Alicia Msipa, said Gombwe had surpassed her expectations as it reminded her of Zimbabwe especially the track Ngirozi which is very spiritual.

“The Gombwe album is a masterpiece. Each time I listen to Ngirozi, I feel like crying as the song talks about parents who feel abandoned by their children, most who leave them in search of greener pastures. This is our story here in South Africa as we left our loved ones back home in search of better lives,” Msipa said.

Some patrons in Yeoville said tracks such as Finhu Finhu and Marobots always get them in the mood and make them reminisce about their time in Zimbabwe as they are party tracks.

“We’re enjoying the album, especially these two tracks which are often played during Marasta nights on Sundays. A lot of people are waiting for Winky D to perform here as they’re really enjoying the Gombwe album,” said Nutty.

Asked if there were plans to bring the Gafa who now prefers to be referred to as Gombwe to SA, one prominent promoter said they were working on it.

“We’re working flat out to bring him here because the album is making waves this side. We know his fans will be delighted to see him live in action and we’re trying to make this a reality at a venue that’s safe and can be accessed by many,” promoter, Bra Kay said.

In Zimbabwe alike, the Gombwe album is receiving a lot of airplay and is being played in most vehicles.

Fans of the artiste are now impatiently waiting for the release of the Ngirozi music video. Ngirozi was an instant hit likely because of its lyrics and message and Vabati VaJehovah’s signature chorus and rhythmic clapping that made it a unique track.

Jah Prayzah may want to start working on new tracks as Winky D has definitely grabbed the limelight and outrun his Kutonga Kwaro album with Gombwe.


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