Winky D’s Disappear 2016 catch phrase

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Winky D’s Disappear 2016 catch phrase Winky D

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Winky D

Winky D

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
Zimdancehall musician Winky D’s song Disappear has taken the nation by storm.

The song, released in October last year, blew up in the festive season when most people enjoyed themselves after a long and hard year saying to themselves problems of 2015 should disappear in 2016.

The Ninja President’s hit song was infact the song of the month in December as it was being played at many drinking spots and nightclubs.

Statements such as “With this heat wave amaYellow bone wonke disappear” have been circulating on social media. Yellow bone referring to any light skinned woman.

The track shows that Winky D is a master at his game as he knows what people want to hear and make it entertaining.

So popular is the track that some artistes have started doing renditions of the track and sharing it on their Facebook pages.

Riding on the fame of the song, some ingenious musicians like Tariro negitare and a group called Us Two, have come up with their own cover of the song. Perhaps taking a leaf from Zimbabwe’s Taps who did a cover for Adele’s Hello, the artistes have also come up with their own style of the track.

Another clip circulating on social media sounds like a Roman Catholic Choir singing the whole track.

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