Woman flees HIV+ hubby, granted $40 maintenance

02 Oct, 2014 - 16:10 0 Views

The Chronicle

Makathiveyi Gumbo

Makathiveyi Gumbo

Lethokuhle Moyo Court Reporter
A BULAWAYO woman yesterday said she left her matrimonial home because she discovered her husband had been concealing his HIV positive status.
Makathiveyi Gumbo said this at the Maintenance Court where she was demanding $100 from Farai Mugabe, who is employed at the National Railways of Zimbabwe, for the upkeep of their child.

The estranged couple appeared before magistrate Vivian Ndlovu.

“Your Worship, I left his house because he did not tell me about his HIV status. I found out that he was on ARVs,” Gumbo, who did not discloseher own HIV status, said.

“I know about his salary problems. He earns $700 per month but is only given half his salary. He has problems when it comes to maintaining my child but he doesn’t have any problems with his other children”.

She added, “He does not pay for medication when his child is sick. He is the one who spoiled the child by buying cereals, pampers and other fancy things”.

Mugabe said he told his wife about his status after his other wife died. He offered $20 saying he could not afford the money Gumbo was demanding.

“As for our problems, I believe they started soon after she dragged me to the maintenance court,” Mugabe said.

“Everything was well until she came here behind my back. All she needs is pocket money because after this we are going back home together.”

The magistrate told Mugabe that the problem is that he did not disclose his status to his wife adding that it was hard to grant the $100 demand since the NRZ was having problems with paying salaries to its workers.

She issued a garnishee order of $40 per month against Mugabe.

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