Woman ‘pimps’ out pregnant stepdaughter

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Woman ‘pimps’ out pregnant stepdaughter The new law must be viewed as a window that gives the unfortunate pregnant girl another chance

The Chronicle

Leonard Ncube, Victoria Falls Reporter
A PREGNANT Form Two girl in Victoria Falls has accused her stepmother of receiving payment from men for them to have sex with her.

The girl, who is aged 15 and almost five months pregnant, made the revelations during the trial of her 29-year-old boyfriend who was charged with having extra-marital sexual intercourse with a young person.

She said her stepmother (name withheld) introduced her to Evermore Ndlovu (29) in November last year.

The stepmother allegedly organised the affair between Ndlovu and the complainant in November last year on one of many outings to night clubs.

The girl said her stepmother would on several occasions send her to Ndlovu’s home to ask for money to buy bread.

She said she ended up falling in love with Ndlovu during her many visits and the two had sexual intercourse several times between November and February this year when she discovered she was pregnant.

She told the court that her stepmother became angry when she told her about the pregnancy and accused her of being careless yet she had only told her “to spend the man’s money.”

The girl said she had consensual sex with Ndlovu who would give her money to give to her mother, who also received some of the money through her EcoCash account.

The girl said her mother would sometimes also encourage her to accompany her for booze binges during the night.

They would both allegedly apply lipstick and wear similar clothes as she allegedly paraded her to some men at nightclubs.

The woman has not been charged with any offence as no formal report has been made against her.

Ndlovu, a shoe vendor, initially pleaded guilty to having extra-marital sexual intercourse with a young person when he appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Ms Lindiwe Maphosa.

The plea was later altered to not guilty after he told court that he did not know the girl was under-age.

The magistrate said Ndlovu who has two children, took advantage of the girl’s age.

“The complainant is a Form Two learner who is now pregnant and preparing for motherhood yet she should be concentrating on her studies shaping her future.

“She has been exposed to sexually transmitted diseases as well,” said the magistrate before sentencing Ndlovu to 18 months in jail.

Six months were suspended for five years on condition that he does not within that period have sexual intercourse with a young person.

Juveniles less than 16 years are at law unable to consent to sex. Ndlovu said he intended to marry the girl.

Prosecuting, Mr Bheki Tshabalala said the case of sex with a minor came to light after the girl discovered that she was pregnant and revealed it to her stepmother. It was not stated who reported the matter to the police. — @ncubeleon

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