Women hail Coventry re-appointment Minister Kirsty Coventry

Lovemore Dube, [email protected]

KIRSTY Coventry has been retained as Minister of Sport, Arts and Recreation in a Cabinet announced yesterday by President Mnangagwa.

Minister Coventry did the unthinkable sticking her guns out to push Fifa to accept that the previous Zifa board led by Felton Kamambo had outlived its welcome.

Felton Kamambo

Football had for decades been afflicted with problems ranging from lack of transparency to no clear cut development programmes.

“We are happy with her re-appointment. She has played a very good advocacy role for women in sport and general public life. She has been a shining example with the way she could not be swayed or threatened on football matters.

“Her fight to ensure justice for allegedly abused female referees was a genuine call. We need our sisters protected and given equal opportunities in all sports codes,” said a former women’s soccer administrator who chose not to have her identity revealed.

“Congratulations are in order on her re-appointment. It’s a positive development for sports being headed by a professional former sportsperson, people think that it’s only male sportspersons who are able to deliver especially when it comes to football issues. She actually handled the football problems very well. 

“She actually dealt with the root cause. I hope that going forward, we will have more female sportspersons of integrity leading various sports codes,” said netball administrator Precious Mudenge.

Sibekiwe Ndlovu, a women in sport advocate who also runs her own girls soccer team praised Minister Coventry saying she deserved it.

“Yes she did well, we expect her to assist fix facilities. We want to see the Ministry pro-active in the future and arrest problems in sport before they explode. She must enforce corporate governance in all sports, there has to be accountability and transparency at all levels. What happened at Zifa must not recur in any of our sporting disciplines,” said Ndlovu

Many women spoken to congratulated her on her appointment and asked her to stay resolute in a field dominated by men.

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