Writer Tafirenyika ready to share poetry video Tinashe Tafirenyika


Millicent Dube, Showbiz Reporter

Tinashe Tafirenyika, a multi-award-winning writer and poet is set to release her third poetry video titled Master on her YouTube account on Friday.

The making of the visualiser where she animated herself, the artist said was not easy as she failed to get professional animators on board and resorted to downloading several animation applications until she found one that was easy to use.

“The concept of the video is very simple but I’ve been trying to get it done for over two years now. I crowd-sourced what I needed from my last video, ‘There’s no such thing as love’ and I thought this was how ‘Master’ would also be made then voila! my visualiser was made.

“It was very important to me that this video be animated in this exact way because even though it is abstract, it is a very clear metaphor for the theme of the poem. Tying a visual image to the words was what made it more striking,” Tafirenyika said.

After the premiere, she intends to teach a class on how the visualiser was made so as to impart new skills to people who might benefit from an entry-level insight into this kind of work.

“They won’t have to spend hours browsing the internet looking for clues,” she said.

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