Young Bulawayo herbalist employs 15

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Young Bulawayo herbalist  employs 15 Mr Tatenda Prosper Kaseke

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Bongani Ndlovu, Chronicle Reporter
A young herbalist, Mr Tatenda Prosper Kaseke from Bulawayo, who employs 15 people, says he should not be mistaken for a traditional healer or inyanga, as he is a phytotherapist.


Mr Kaseke (26) runs a company; Taproka Care, based in Bulawayo that offers herbal solutions to medical problems.

The solutions on offer include sex-enhancing herbs, high blood pressure reducing herbs and detoxifying herbs.

The company started four years ago and was registered in 2020.

Mr Kaseke, a former Milton High School pupil, explained that a phytotherapist is a person who uses plants and plant materials to treat illnesses and other conditions.

He learnt the trade at a Chinese-based company operating in the country.

“I was inspired when I was living in Harare, where the herbal industry looked lucrative.

So, I was taking some products from outside Zimbabwe and then importing them into the country and selling them.

Sunon Factory Company

“I learnt to be a phytotherapist at Sunon Factory Company in Harare.

It’s a China-based company that was in Harare.

It took me six months to do so,” said Mr Kaseke.

He said people must not mistake him for a traditional healer, he is far from it.

“Herbs are used by traditional healers and the like.

I am not a traditional healer, I am a phytotherapist and that is why I use machines so that I know what herbs a person needs.

There are about 50 types of herbs to treat headaches and there is a specific one for a person in that range.

So, with these machines, I’m able to know which one is the best to treat a person’s headache,” said Mr Kaseke.

He said there are two machines that he uses; a quantum analyser and a detector.

“We have machines so that when a patient is under the machine it will scan him or her and detect their ailment and then recommend what type of herbal product they need.

This is why some of the herbal products that people take don’t work or they experience a slight improvement.

This is where I come in, using a quantum analyser and detector.

They test the nerves of the person,” said Mr Kaseke.

A quantum resonance magnetic analyser (quantum analyser), is based on quantum medical, and scientifically analyses the cell’s weak magnetic field in an advanced electronic device.

The analyser can work out the health situation and main problem.

According to the checking result, the analyser can figure out the treatment recommendation.

Mr Kaseke said he wanted to empower the youth hence he has employed 15 youths.

“In terms of empowerment I decided to hire 15 youths and they are agents who push the products in the market.

They are mobile and at the same time we teach them about the products and how they work,” said Mr Kaseke.

He said he imports most of the herbs because there are no reliable suppliers of raw materials in Zimbabwe.


“We would want to have people farming some of the herbs, like Zumbani that was once popular and the like.

But we have to be very careful as some people come with herbs but they are just guava leaves.

So, I saw it best to import the herbs as finished products and use them,” said Mr Kaseke.

He said he plans to expand the company and add value to the manufacturing to retail sectors.

“In five years, I see the company as a holistic organisation, where we shall be growing our herbs so that we manufacture them for the Zimbabwean and international market.

We are keen on farming and also on expanding into other towns and cities around Zimbabwe and the region,” said Mr Kaseke.

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