Young DJ Sida dreams of building music empire

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Young DJ Sida dreams of building music empire DJ Sida

The Chronicle

Lizzy Nekhoma

HE is only 22, yet he is already bagging a lot of gigs with his ultimate dream being to build a music empire.

 As if that is not enough, last year, the fast-rising DJ from Gwanda, DJ Sida secured a slot at one of the leading radio stations in Bulawayo, Skyz Metro FM. This was a big achievement since most DJs struggle to get such opportunities. On the radio station, he hosts Party Central, a show that plays entirely local music every Friday.

 Born Sidney T Zhuwawo, DJ Sida has headlined events that include Kasi to Kasi tours, Gwanda Fiesta, Deep in the city and Spring Fiesta.

 For a while now, Gwanda has been registering growth in the entertainment industry with the young DJ also contributing as he has been putting the town on the map through his exceptional talent on the decks.

 Chronicle Showbiz Reporter Lizzy Nekhoma (LN) recently had a chat with DJ Sida and he shared his experience in the music industry and pleaded with people to support him as he tries to take his trade to the next level. Below is the interview.

LN: Can you tell us about yourself?

DJ Sida: I was born in Harare in 2001 and relocated to Gwanda in 2006. That’s where I did my primary and secondary level education (Sabiwa Primary School and Gwanda High School). I also did part of my secondary-level schooling in Bulawayo (Mpopoma High School) so the two places have been my hometowns since.

 LN: What inspired you to be a disc jockey?

DJ Sida: The love of music. DJs Nitefreak and Shimza have been my inspiration since I started and I learn a lot through them. Dab Three Events and Archford Hadebe have also played a great role in mentoring me.

 LN: Which genre do you specialise in?

DJ Sida: Afro-tech.

DJ Sida

 LN: What have you learnt from being a DJ?

DJ Sida: I’ve experienced a lot of things, but one thing that stands out is the need to be focused and updated. You need to always know what’s trending and what people are vibing to. Another thing that I’ve realised as a DJ is that you also get any kind of girls you want which is a very good experience for me.

 LN: What have been your most memorable events?

DJ Sida: Kasi to Kasi tours, Gwanda Fiesta, Deep in the City and Spring Fiesta.

 LN: How long have you been with Skyz Metro FM and how has the experience been?

DJ Sida: I’ve been there for four months and the experience has been great.

 LN: Which challenges have you faced in your journey as a DJ and how have you overcome them?

DJ Sida: Lack of equipment. I struggled very hard with this, but God was on my side. I started getting more shows and as a result, I managed to buy my own deejaying equipment.

 LN: Any advice that you want to give to fellow up-and-coming DJs?

DJ Sida: Keep pushing, keep dreaming, and work hard. We will get there, no matter what.

 LN: What are your plans for the future?

DJ Sida: I want to build a music empire and I’m looking forward to teaching the young stars. I also want to be the best DJ in history and want my name not to be forgotten. DJ Sida to the world!

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