Youths have a critical role in ministry Thembinkosi Aurthur Ndlovu

Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, [email protected]

MANY often wonder what good can come out of “ama 2000”, the generation born after the year 2000 but Thembinkosi Aurthur Ndlovu (21) has proven that the generation has a lot to offer after dedicating his time towards serving God as a pastor.

He is a pastor at the Living Waters Grace Chapel Church heading the Gwanda branch.

 He said he realised his calling at a tender age through spiritual encounters which he was having as he grew up.

Pastor Ndlovu said growing up in a Christian family also helped to shape his career.

 He underwent a short course in pastoral studies at the age of 15. Pastor Ndlovu said at that age, he had decided that he would dedicate his time towards serving in the House of God.

He was born in the Manama area and did his primary education at Nhanha Primary School and secondary at Bengo Secondary and Manama Mission. 

He said, he spent most of his childhood under the care of his grandmother who loved to serve in the House of the Lord.

“I grew up in a Christian family and this helped inculcate a spirit of worship and love for God and doing his work. Growing up, I used to have spiritual encounters where I would see the hand of the Lord and I realised that God was speaking to me in a special way.

“At the age of 15, I underwent a short course in pastoral ministry and I received a certificate after the training.

 My time in school gave me a good platform to equip myself for ministry. I used to preach at Scripture Union at secondary school. My experience at Manama Mission also helped to further equip me,” he said.

Pastor Ndlovu said in 2021, he was first appointed to assist his pastor at the Power of God International Ministries and he later moved to the Living Waters Grace Chapel where he was appointed a pastor.

He said as a young pastor, it is his desire to set an example for other youths especially during this era where youths are being lost to drugs and other immoral activities.

Pastor Ndlovu said the youths have to realise that they are the future and present of the church and therefore need to take an active role in ministry. 

He said youths have to take a bold step and lead in church while the elderly have to nurture the youths and trust their abilities.

“As youths, we have a huge role to play in the ministry and ensuring its success. We are young and there is a lot we can do with the energy that we have. We shouldn’t leave the task of leading the church to the elderly as we are the present and future of the church.

 There is also a need for harmony between the elderly and the youths. In the present day church, there is a lot of tension and conflict between the elderly and the young.

“Some elderly people want to maintain the old and traditional methods of worship and running churches while the youths prefer the contemporary style. 

This tension isn’t necessary because after all there is one God and all that is done in His house is for His glory,” he said.

Pastor Ndlovu said the power of the Holy Spirit is needed in order to unify the church regardless of age, tribe, ethnic group or gender. 

He said that same Spirit will guide Christians in upholding moral values.

Pastor Ndlovu, who is also an author, recently launched a book titled “What happened to us” which explores the causes of back sliding and how it can be prevented. 

Pastor Ndlovu has authored three other books which he is yet to publish.

He said it is also his desire to minister through literature.

“I also love writing and therefore I saw literature as one of the ways in which I can preach the Word of God. Through books, I can reach a wider audience and books have a long lifespan. I plan to publish more books as I continue with the work of serving God,” he said.

Pastor Ndlovu also works as a photographer, videographer and editor at a local media company, Gwanda Magazine.

He said he ensures that he balances his job and ministry work and implored fellow youths to focus on developmental initiatives.

“Just because we were born after the year 2000 doesn’t mean that we are hopeless. The generation of youths we have today are technology savvy and innovative. 

As youths, we have to utilise the knowledge and talent that we have and embark on different ventures that will help us develop ourselves and our nation. The only limit we have is ourselves,” he said. — @DubeMatutu.

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