Youths in business taught greening to fight climate change Mr Msindazwe Ndlovu (pic credit,BVTA)

Sikhulekelani Moyo , [email protected]

BULAWAYO Vendors and Traders Association, (BVTA) is today conducting a session on innovation building on green enterprise technologies and climate resilience initiatives, where young people are equipped with knowledge on greening initiatives.

With the effects of climate change being felt in all sectors of the economy, captains of industry recommended an action plan and mobilised resources towards increased investments in renewable energy.

This has seen the Government coming up with the Green Economy Road map which seeks to ensure an equitable transition in all aspects of development in Zimbabwe, to boost utilisation of natural resources sustainably, increase energy efficiency and reduce waste, while also promoting friendly environmental management policies by productive sectors of the economy.

This has seen small and medium enterprises and individuals engaged in recycling of plastics, coming up with different products, which include roofing tiles, kitchen countertops and bricks.

On its X (Twitter) handle, BVTA said in today’s programme, youths were capacitated with knowledge on recycling, reducing, and reusing waste.

“BVTA today is conducting a session on Innovation Building on Green Enterprise Technologies and climate Resilience Initiatives, where young people are equipped with knowledge on recycling, reducing and reusing,” reads the tweet.

The programme was being facilitated by Msindazwe Ndhlovu who is the founder of Noble Savage, a Bulawayo company which recycles plastic waste into roofing tiles and glasses into kitchen counter tops.

— @SikhulekeaniM1


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