Zanu PF primary elections: Bulawayo businessmen throw hats Mr Elias Mweneziko

Peter Matika, Online Desk

Two Bulawayo businessmen have expressed interest in the upcoming hamornised elections and have announced their candidature in the pending Zanu PF primary elections.

The businessmen, Mr Elias Mweneziko, who is the director and owner of Autohouse Car Sales in the city said he always had political aspirations with the 2023 polls being a chance for him to demonstrate what he seeks to accomplish for the city. Mr Mweneziko is vying for ward 1 councillor position.

Mr Elias Mweneziko

“I have always been involved in politics but not very active. I formed Greens district in Bulawayo. It was formed between 8th and 9th Avenue along George Silundika some years ago. The district was endorsed by Zanu PF senior members then and verified all cell groups that were affiliated to the district. Greens district is under the city centre and saw the rise of political aspirants such as Gift Muhomba and Raymond Mutomba,” said Mr Mweneziko.

He said Greens district also paved way for Zanu PF ward 1 member of parliament aspirant Mr Tendai Charuka, who chairs the district.

“When Charuka came into the picture I assumed the post of commissariat. Through this district, which I believe has the power to enforce for positive and economic change in the city, we will be destined for a bright future. The district is also responsible for propelling Cde Raj Modi to being a political giant. He is the member of parliament for Bulawayo South since 2018. It was through our influence and campaign that we have such great leadership. And as you know he is the deputy minister of Industry and Commerce,” said Mr Mweneziko.

He said he was part of the masterminds behind the Entrepreneurs 4ED organisation.

“It is yet to be launched and we invite all entrepreneurs to join and contribute towards positive economic change under the leadership of President Mnangagwa,” said Cde Mweneziko.

Another businessman-cum farmer Mr Nkani Khoza has also thrown in his hat in the Zanu PF primary elections, where he is vying for the post of Member of Parliament representing Insiza North.

Mr Nkani Khoza

Mr Khoza runs Totally Uniforms in Bulawayo and has extensively been involved in social and cooperate responsibility campaigns.

“It is high time that we as citisens rise up and turn our country’s fortunes around. We cannot just sit and expect our leaders to perform miracles. We have it all in Zimbabwe, all we have to do is just harness it,” said Mr Khoza.

“As the President always says Nyika Inovakwa Nevene Vayo, ilizwe lakhiwa ngabaninilo. We too as citisens have to be actively involved to ensure that we attain the change that we so desperately seek. We have to see to it that we reach a medium income economy by 2030 as envisioned by the President,” said Mr Khoza.

Mr Khoza is also a farmer in Fort Rixon Insiza North, where the dreadful January Disease has been wreaking havoc. He has been assisting farmers with vaccines and dips in an effort to try and save livestock.

“Government is assisting but we too have a role to play and assist the government in projects. It is unfortunate that we have a disease that has wrecked so much havoc, despite government efforts to prevent and eradicate the disease,” said Mr Khoza.

Sandra Ndebele

Musician and dancer Sandra Ndebele also recently announced her candidature in the Zanu PF primary elections, where she is contesting for councillor position in Ward 20.

She has previously acted as a women’s league leader in Bulawayo and has been a representative for young women in Economic Development, and has also endorsed Zanu-PF and President Mnangagwa.

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