Zanu-PF’s new administration receives overwhelming support

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Zanu-PF’s new administration receives overwhelming support

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Xu Lyuping

Vusumuzi Dube, Chronicle Reporter
ZANU-PF’S new administration under President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday received overwhelming support from fellow liberation movements and Governments from the region and beyond.

Speakers who delivered solidarity messages at the party’s extraordinary congress yesterday hailed the new administration saying it was an example that should be emulated by other parties.

They pledged to do their best support President Mnangagwa’s Government.

President Mnangagwa took over from Cde Robert Mugabe who resigned as the President recently.

South Africa’s African National Congress chairperson and speaker of parliament in the neighbouring country, Cde Mbaleka Mbete led the praises on President Mnangagwa and said the peaceful transition the country went through was worth emulating.

“Your transition was peaceful and I find no bitterness or hatred of your predecessor Cde Mugabe. That is political maturity. As ANC we are here to say we are proud to be associated with  Zanu-PF and we wish you success.

“Tomorrow we will also be having our own meeting as ANC where we will be deciding our future and I tell you we are taking lessons from you Zanu-PF, we are proud of you,” said Cde Mbete.

Chinese Vice Minister of International Department Cde Xu Lyuping reiterated Cde Mbete’s remarks saying Zanu-PF and the Communist Party of China remained good friends who will continue cooperating in various fields to further develop both countries.

She said the Central Committee of the CPC had personally dispatched her to give the party’s solidarity message as a sign of reaffirming the two parties’ long tested friendship.

“The CPC and Zanu-PF are good friends, partners and comrades that treat each other sincerely and share will and resolve. By sending me to this congress the Central Committee of CPC shows the dedication which CPC has towards working with Zanu-PF and reaffirms our support to the ruling party.

Since the independence of Zimbabwe, Zanu-PF has remained resolute towards defending the country’s liberation. As for the leadership of President Mnangagwa we remain confident that he will continue along this path,” said Cde Lyuping.

The December 12 Movement which was represented by Cde Coltrane Chimurenga who said they continued to shun imperialists like the US President Donald Trump.

He said the the world had no place for such imperialists.

“As the December 12 Movement we no longer consider you as friends but we have become more of a family. We have now become one family of Pan Africanists. We will never allow Zimbabwe to be a colony again, we will never allow anyone to take our country and our legacy.

“Our legacy is greater than Mount Kilimanjaro, the legacy of our war veterans is something more precious than gold. We say to all of you that we came to this congress to say to our President Mnangagwa that we don’t recognise imperialists and we will never do,” said Cde Chimurenga.

He also hailed the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for executing Operation Restore Legacy in a peaceful manner.

Acting secretary general of the General Council of the United Russia Andrey Turchak said the new era that the ruling party was going through would go a long way in strengthening democracy and furthering development in the nation.

“I am confident that the forthcoming political forum will make the most important decisions for your party and the country, and will become the new stage to further strengthen democracy.

“We would like to express our gratitude for your initiative to develop cooperation between our parties and establish contacts in the inter-party format for the benefit of the peoples of Russia and Zimbabwe,” he said.

Other parties that gave solidarity messages include the Democratic Party of Malawi, Progressive Democratic Party of Malawi, Frelimo of Mozambique, People’s Party For Reconstruction and Democracy of DRC, Patriotic Party of Zambia, and the Botswana Democratic Party among others.

Local groupings such as the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association and the Chiefs’ Council of Zimbabwe also gave solidarity messages. — @vusadb


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