Zec urges people to inspect voter’s roll

24 May, 2023 - 00:05 0 Views
Zec urges people to inspect voter’s roll Matabeleland South provincial elections officer, Mr Rabson Nyoni

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THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has urged members of the public to inspect the voter’s roll when the exercise starts on Saturday at 1 594 inspection centres countrywide as the country gears for harmonised elections to be held by August this year.

As part of election preparations, the commission has also invited bids for the supply and delivery of polling booths, solar systems, candles and cardboard boxes.

In a statement yesterday, ZEC chief elections officer Mr Utoile Silaigwana said the voter inspection programme will commence on Saturday and ends next week on Wednesday.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)

The purpose of the voters roll inspection is to ensure that voters details are correctly captured in the voters’ roll and rectify mistakes where they are noted.

The exercise will ensure that voters particulars which include names, addresses and ID numbers were correctly captured and their names appear at the correct polling stations.

“It is hereby notified that the ZEC shall open the voter’s roll to be used for the 2023 Harmonised Elections for inspection. The centres will be open between 7AM and 5PM daily from the 27th of May 2023 to the 31st 2023,” said ZEC.

He said the electorate should produce national identity cards (IDs) or a valid passport for the inspection process.

Mr Silaigwana said members of the public who registered on or before April 28 will appear in the voter’s roll to be inspected.

Mr Utoile Silaigwana

“Please Note: The cut-off date for the purposes of producing the voters roll and for this inspection exercise was 28 April 2023.

Those who registered on or before 28 April 2023, are encouraged to inspect the voters’ roll at their ordinary polling stations which have been designated as inspection centres for purposes of this voters roll inspection exercise. Note, your name will appear only at that inspection centre if that centre is your designated polling station,” said Mr Silaigwana.

He said registered voters can also use the mobile phone code *265# for NetOne and Econet subscribers to inspect their details using their mobile phones.

Mr Silaigwana said any queries regarding the process should be directed towards provincial elections officers and ZEC Head Office in Harare at Mahachi Quantum Building Cnr Jason Moyo/Kaguvi Street.

ZEC is also conducting a training of personnel who will facilitate the voter education and voter inspection exercise which will be the last phase before the upcoming harmonised elections.

Speaking during a meeting attended by Provincial Development Committee members, Matabeleland South provincial elections officer Mr Rabson Nyoni said there is need for resources to assist in the electoral processes which will be conducted up to election time.

Mr Nyoni said after inspection they will wait for President’s proclamation announcing the election date and also give a roadmap to say when will the nomination courts be held.

He said so far Matabeleland South has 3 000 personnel involved in the electoral processes. Mr Nyoni said by election time the province will need about 8 000 personnel.

President Mnangawa

“We need resources for electoral processes that we will be conducting from now up to the time when we hold elections. For example, now we have voter education and voter inspection that will be taking place. Training started today and by May 25 we will have to deploy officers who will be carrying out the voter education process,” he said.

“We need vehicles from within the province that will be used to transport officers and other logistical issues. We also need infrastructure such as schools and clinics. The voter education process will be focusing on encouraging people to come and inspect and see if their names are correctly spelt and they have been placed under the correct ward and polling station. We will also be highlighting on the issues of new boundaries.”

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Mr Nyoni said the voter education process plays a crucial role in the electoral process. He said there is a need to support various stakeholders such as members of the public, institutions and line Ministries for all the electoral processes to be conducted successfully. Mr Nyoni said while the electoral process is being led by ZEC it benefits all citizens of the country.

“The voter education is a critical process throughout the electoral process. We used it to inform the public of the delimitation process and now we have to explain to people about the new boundaries. We have been giving out IEC material on the electoral processes in different languages found in Matabeleland South and it has been distributed throughout the province. We need the input of all stakeholders with whatever form of assistance which they can offer. Elections are an important part of our country’s development and we have to work together to make the process a success,” he said.

Mr Nyoni said it was crucial to ensure that people in the remote parts of the province are aware of the electoral processes taking place as it is their Constitutional right. — @DubeMatutu

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