ZESA holdings to introduce electric cars Nissan Leaf Model of an electric car

ZESA Holdings plans to introduce electric vehicles in Zimbabwe starting next year in a bid to curb vehicle abuse and fuel pilferage, the utility’s board chairperson has said.

Dr Sydney Gata, who was in Bindura meeting representatives of the Government and other stakeholders, said the move would also help improve the parastatal’s service delivery.

“No one will say his car has no fuel, the cars are rechargeable, they will recharge overnight whilst in parking. They will also reduce the level at which the company’s cars are being abused by the workers who are currently taking them home,” he said.

Dr Gata said Zesa had also bought 200 fuel-based trucks and vans to add to its fleet, and these will be delivered before 2021.

“There are no cars for managers amongst these 200 trucks and vans. These cars are meant to improve our service delivery efficiency,” he said.

Dr Gata said Zesa was under resourced, and pleaded with the community to provide assistance when need arose. For example, he said the public can offer their cars to ferry Zesa workers when needed or in the event that Zesa vehicles had broken down. Dr Gata, who is known as a “no-nonsense” business executive, also appealed to the public to report all cases of corruption by Zesa employees.

Lately, widespread reports have emerged of corrupt Zesa workers soliciting for bribes from the public for what are supposed to be free services. Dr Gata said he was aware that standards at ZESA had tumbled over the years, but was eager to turn this around.


– New Ziana

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