Zifa Southern Region leadership fights back

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Zifa Southern Region leadership fights back Andrew Tapela

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Innocent Kurira, Sports Reporter

THE Zifa Southern Region board has refused to bow down to the pressure from clubs to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) this month citing it will be a breach of contract to have the meeting.

Zifa Southern Region Division One League clubs last Friday gave the regional leadership a five-day ultimatum to set a date for an AGM.

In a letter sent to the Andrew Tapela-led board last Friday and signed by 14 out of the 17 teams, the clubs said they want to be given a date for the AGM within five days.

The club’s grievances were that the region has not held a meeting since 2020.

The clubs also noted that most resolutions have been made outside congress knowledge hence the need to put things on record.

In their response directly to each club, Zifa Southern Region have said the clubs are not being honest in their arguments, citing an AGM was actually conducted on May 8 2021.

“The assertion that the Southern Region has not held a meeting since 2020 is seriously misleading and totally incorrect,” reads a letter from Zifa.

“For the record, the 2021/22 season Annual General Meeting was held on the 8th of May 2021 at Glen Lodge, Newton West Bulawayo where a member attended as a delegate representing your club.

“It is therefore totally surprising and shocking why your official who was present at that meeting would deliberately misrepresent facts and aver that such a meeting never took place.

“Article 34 paragraph (b) of the ZIFA Constitution empowers the Board to convene Ordinary and Extraordinary congresses in accordance with Article 26 and 28 respectively.

“In this regard your request to have the AGM convened in November 2022 is ultra vires to the dictates of the ZIFA Constitution in particular Article 26 paragraph (2) which requires the Board to inform members at least 60 days in advance.

“Therefore, convening any General Meeting within the time frame suggested in your letter is seriously unconstitutional, irregular and impossible,” it further reads.

“In light of the above, your request cannot be entertained.

“In conclusion the Board would like to reiterate its position that it will adhere to the dictates of the ZIFA constitution and will without fail fulfill the provisions of Article 26 of the Constitution at the appropriate time,” concludes the letter.

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