Zim sleeping on Asaph: DJ Stavo Asaph

Wayne Chiridza, Showbiz Reporter

RENOWNED music producer and DJ, Stavo is of the opinion that Bulawayo rapper, Asaph, deserved to get recognition at the just ended Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima) where he was nominated in the Best Hip Hop artiste category.

Taking to his Twitter account, DJ Stavo said Zimbabwe is sleeping on Asaph, an artiste with whom he collaborated with for his hit Summer Ride last year, as the country is not acknowledging his talent.

The DJ, who bagged two awards at Zima which made a comeback after a four-year hiatus last weekend, said: “Zim is sleeping on Asaph. He’s going to go far. He is Hip Hop in Zimbabwe. 

“We fail to support true talent. He deserves more attention and more awards trust me.”

Asaph, the Vibe is Correct and Mambo hit-maker who put on an A-list performance at the awards ceremony, went home empty handed as he lost out to Takura. 

Responding to DJ Stavo’s post, Asaph himself agreed saying this has pushed him to work hard so that he gets recognised. 

“I agree, but with every move I make, they’re slowly waking up. So I’ll just continue to work hard,” he said.

Fusion Media Group weighed in saying artistes in Zimbabwe need financial support for them to excel.

“Zimbabwe artists lack financial support. With good management and proper funding, Asaph will be the best thing,” said Fusion Media.

Despite not winning, the awards created a platform for artistes like Asaph who were given performing slots to showcase their talent to the rest of Zimbabwe. 

This clearly paid off as one identified as Roxy Veetaf said: “I watched his performance at the Zima awards and liked it. I also went on YouTube to listen to more of his songs and I ended up downloading them as I loved them. I also went on Instagram and followed him. The funny part is that I never even knew about him before the Zimas.”

For a while now, talented artistes from Bulawayo have been complaining that they are overshadowed by Harare-based artistes at most national awards, something that could be drowning them. — @waynecas

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