Zimbabwe Embassy in Sudan attacked Mr Livit Mugejo

Leonard Ncube, [email protected]

THE ongoing fighting in Sudan has seen an attack on the Zimbabwe mission in the African country, where property at the Embassy was destroyed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Affairs has reported.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Mr Livit Mugejo said the attack on the Embassy property was unfortunate, coming after the country successfully evacuated its citizens back home.

“I can confirm that our properties in Sudan were destroyed by some of the fighting forces in the country taking advantage that we evacuated our people and the current war going on there,” said Mr Mugejo.

He said not only Zimbabwe properties were targeted by the attackers who are reportedly looking from different countries’ missions.

“We have reports that most countries properties were also targeted. It’s sheer criminality taking advantage of the war to loot property of our diplomats and embassy there. This is an unfortunate incident which is currently happening in Sudan,” said Mr Mugejo.

There is an armed power struggle between two leaders in a joint military government that has led to fighting between the regular army and a powerful paramilitary force which has seen many people killed and vital infrastructure destroyed.

Sudan’s foreign ministry has condemned the attack and urged the international community to also speak against the ‘terrorist and criminal behaviour.

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