Zimbabwe’s positive contribution to the world should be showcased: Tanya Fear Tanyaradzwa Tanya Fear

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Reporter
UNITED Kingdom-born actress and director, Tanyaradzwa “Tanya” Fear, who has roots in Zimbabwe, has said it is high time the abundant talent and contributions that local citizens make to the global space be showcased.

Her sentiments come as the nation is gearing up for its 42nd independence celebrations on the 18th of this month.

On Saturday, Tanya started a thread on Twitter dubbed “Zimbabwean Creatives” where she is engaging with local creatives on their projects. All this is being driven by her view that Zimbabwe and its people are an inspiration to many out there.

Speaking from the United Kingdom, Tanya said the response on the Twitter thread has been overwhelming adding that it is high time that the works of Zimbabweans flood international spaces.

“I’d no idea when I started the Zimbabwean Creatives thread that within a day, it would get almost 300 retweets and reach 100 000 Twitter accounts. I started the thread to connect with as many Zimbabwean creatives as I could for collaborations on projects.

“I intend to start weekly threads showcasing different kinds of Zimbabwean talent and the positive contributions Zimbabweans make to the world,” said Tanya.

She said the engagements and participation of the creative industry players show their hunger to penetrate global markets.

“We had artistes, writers, podcasters, actors, musicians and even small business owners showcasing their work on the thread and some even made some deals. I’m so proud of us and I know that people want to continue being reminded of the abundant Zimbabwean talent. We had Zimbabweans contributing from all over the globe,” she said.

Tanya who is an actress and writer, said she is working on a film called Last Ride.

“Last Ride has legendary Zimbabwean director Joe Njagu. Our production company is specifically looking for talent for this project. The plot is under wraps but what I’ll say is that it’s a road trip film with two female lead actresses.

“The film will showcase the beauty of Zimbabwe while exploring sisterhood.”

Tanya who is known for her roles on Doctor Who (2005), A Moving Image (2016) and Kick-Ass 2 (2013), has roots in Bulawayo. She was in the country last year and toured various tourist destinations.
– @mthabisi_mthire

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