Zimbos make top 100 FPL managers Image credit: Reddit

Online Reporter Zimbabwe sits on position 33 in the top 100 of the most Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers in the world according the game’s Twitter page. Fantasy Premier League is the largest fantasy football game, operated and owned by the Premier League.

It is free to play and has over 7 million players.

The country with the most managers is the United Kingdom, with Nigeria being third in the top 100 with South Korea coming in at number 100.

Fantasy football had already been around for more than a decade, but FPL was an entirely different beast. The Premier League’s game has become a phenomenon, a parallel sporting industry with its own ecosystem of stars, pundits and gurus and command of enough eyes and ears to convince mainstream news outlets from the i to the Daily Mirror to turn out advice pieces and newsletters.

It’s simple. With a budget of £100 million, you put together a squad of 15 players from the Premier League, who earn points for minutes played, goals, assists and clean sheets and lose them for own goals, red cards and yellow cards. Players compete in one gigantic league against everyone else, but also in mini-leagues with friends, strangers, colleagues and teammates. Over 2.5 million players started the season in 2012. A decade later, and FPL has likely crossed the 10 million player threshold for the first time.

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