Zimpapers conference on wheat production brings industry together Zimpapers chief marketing officer, Mr Tapuwa Mandimutsira

Ivan Zhakata

Zimpapers group chief executive officer, Mr Pikirayi Deketeke has said there is need for stakeholders to work together in promoting growth in the agricultural sector.

Speaking on behalf of Mr Deketeke at the Wheat Based Food Security: Zimbabwe ‘s Best Foot Forward Conference organised by Zimpapers in partnership with the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries,

Water and Rural Development in Harare this morning, chief marketing officer, Mr Tapuwa Mandimutsira said as the biggest media house in Zimbabwe, Zimpapers has a role to play in promoting

agriculture in the country.

“We have got a role to play in the sense that we inform and educate the nation. However, we cannot do it alone,” he said.

“We have to partner with various stakeholders, like the Ministry of Lands, SeedCo, National Foods, Zinwa, ZETDC, Expert Choice and many other companies in the agriculture sector. We strongly believe that once we start this partnership, we should be able to create what we so desire, getting to 120 000 hectares of wheat.

“I think it is achievable once we work together. So what is critical for us today is to ask ourselves, how do we achieve the 120 000 hectares that we so desire, how do we bring stakeholders together, how do we do that?

“How do we cut across the breadth of the country to bring all interested parties so that we deliver on the 120 000 hectares, how do we maintain stakeholder engagement?”

A total of 120 000 hectares have been targeted for wheat production during the 2024 winter cereal production season, compared to the 90 912 hectares planted in 2023.
Mr Deketeke said there is need to come up with ideas on how to activate wheat production for food securi

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